Episcopal Wills 1731-1 Arbory, of Nicholas Bridson

(from MM GL702 / LDS 0106372)

Be it known unto all men by these presents I Nicholas
Bridson senr of Ballavarkish in the parish of Kk Arbory []
causes me thereunto moving butt especially for thelove []
affection that I have to the persons hereafter mentioned []
gifted by way of deed of gift unto my childrem Wm Bridson
Thos Bridson, John Bridson Ann Ennis (alias) Bridson, Isable
Bridson, Jane Bridson and John Heays my grandson all my worldly
goods which God has endowed me with after my decease as well move[]
as immoveable to Thomas for ever excluding or barring []
Nicholas Bridson my son or any other person of with six pence
legacy that may claim any tythe to any part of my goods
after my decease and to this deed of gift I doo bind and
oblige my self to maintain the same irrevocable in the
penalty of forty pounds to be levied according to law as
witness my mark to my name this 18th of May 1730
Nicholas Bridson mrk x
signed and delivered with
one english shilling as livery
and possion ? to Thos Bridson in the
behalf of all the aforementioned
persons as well as to himself as
wittnesses our subscriptions
John Kinvig my mk x
Mark Cain 
20th Feb 1730
Jon Kinvig and Mark Cain the subscribing
witnesses to this deed of gift hath made oath
that the same was duly executed by
Nich Bridson senr of Balla varch in
Kk Arbory for the []es therein mentioned
in their presences and this before
me  Cha Maddrell
At Castletown
June 1 1731
This being proved before the Deemster is
accepted for the last will of Nicholas
Bridson abovementioned & Tho, Wm, John,
Isabel & Jane Bridson are sworn in
court & gave pledges Jo Cottiman &
Richd Cubon
The goods of Anne Ennis now in Ireland
in her brother Thomas's hands who
gave pledges as aforementioned
The goods of Jo Hayes are in the hands
of his grandmother Jane Bridson who
gave pledges, her son Tho Bridson &
John Waterson weaver
The goods of the rest are in their
own hands & gave pledges as before
annexed to the will
Probatum est & solvt 1s
11 Sept 1732
The inventory clear 16 16 0
viz 2 16 0 a piece
The inventory within 14 days
sept 11 1732 the goods of Jo Hayes amt to 2 16 0
more the price of a heifer given by his grandfather 1 6 0
July 10 1731 Jo Preston enters for 1 6s
July 17 1731 Nich Bridson enters for 8
Feb 6 1731 Ellin Samsbury 4s
[] 2 1731 Cath Cubon []

I John Hayes mariner do own
to have recvd from my uncle
& ant Robt Brew & Jane Brew
als Bridson the full of all
accounts as was left to me by
my grandfather & grandmother
Nichs & Jane Bridson as witness my hand
& mark the 14th Dec 1747
John Hayes
Robt Quayle
John Quayle
14th Dec 1747
John Hayes acknowledged
the above receipt and
discharge to be his act &
deed before me
Jon Taubman




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