Archdeacon Will 1729 #35, Rushen, of William Bell of Soroby, Rushen, died first March 1728/9:

"Ryshen: The last will and testament of William Bell of Surby in Trinity Rushin who departed this life the first of March 1728/9, being of sound mind and perfect memory at the making hereof. First, he committed his soul to God, and his body to Christian burial. Item, he left a pair of gramassis and a pair of bamps to John Martin. Item, he left a pair of shoes and half a firlet of oats to Richard Read. Item, he left to his son John a quarter of the crop of corn and the other quarter of the crop after the death of the longer liver of either Richard Read or his wife to the said son and his said son to pay twenty shillings to Margery Read. Item, he left an ox to his said son with half of the plow gears and plow, and the best pair of harrows and as much cloth as would make his said son a coat, with half of a mare. Item, he left a choice cow to his wife, and as for what sheep he had at home, half of them was his daughter Ann, the remainder of the sheep that was betwixt himself and his dauhter Ann he left his half to h is three children vizt., Christopher, Daniel, & Margery. Item, he declared upon his death bed, that John Crebbin owed him two shillings, and James Quoile two shillings and eight pence. Item, he left twenty shillings apiece to each of his youngest children, and if one of the said children should died, that the surviving child shall have the other twenty shillings. Item, he left all his coopers tools to his son Christopher. Item, he left all his shoe makers tools to his son Daniel Bell. Item, he left upon his wife to sell the cloth that he had for his own use, and to buy cloth for his children. Item, he nominated constituted and appointed his four children Christopher, Daniel, Ann and Margery to be sole Executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: Thomas Kermod, Patrick Carin.

Three of the Executors, vizt., Christopher, Daniel & Marjery being underage, Ann the other Executor with the mother is sworn in Court in form of Law.

The Children underage and their goods in the tuition of the mother who hath given pledges, John Costean & John Bell.

The Inventory next Court, brought in.

A perfect Inventory of the goods of William Bell of Soroby in Trinity Rushen, praised by 4 sworn men, vizt, Daniel Callister, John Cotter, John Crebbin, and Robert Carr..tlegotur: Item, two sheep the dead’s part 0 pounds xx shillings xx pence; Item, three old horses dim 0:xx:xx; Item, one ox praised for which was bequeath to the heir 2:xx:xx; Item, two heifers dim xx:xx:xx; Item, two cows dim xx:xx:xx; Item, a colt the dead’s part 0:xx:xx; Item, a pair of harrows praised for the heir 0:xx:xx; Item, plow gears, traces, and a plow praised for John Bell the foresaid heir xx:xx:xx; Item, cars, straddles and pollans dim 0:2:xx; Item, a sieth dim 0:0:3; Item, two porols[or powls or porels] and eight boards dim 0:1:4; Item, two runlets one barrel, a churn, two tubs & a chair dim 0:2:8; Item, one barel, 3 tubs, three baskets dim 0:2:8; Item, a cheeve, one barrel and a small barrel dim 0:xx:8; Item, piggins and old can and two ling hooks dim 0:0:xx; Item, a Manks spade, and English spade, grape mattock & fork dim 0:2:xx; Item, a saddle and two bridles and a pair of shee shears dim 0:3:xx; Item, two ground of ledder, a little wheel and borrum skinn dim 0:1:8; Item, eleven pound of pewter dim 0:3:1x; Item, 4 augurs, an adze, a hand saw, and a two hand knife dim 0:3:0; Item, a pairing iron, a pair of pinchers and 4 lafts dim 0:1x:xx; Item, two hammers and travel, and lime stones, a grinding stone 0:2:xx; Item, his sheep clothes praised to dim 0:xx:xx; Item, his wife’s clothes praised to dim 0:xx:xx; Item, herrings nets, buoys, fishing line and pondrel old chest dim 0:4:xx; Item, a mutton 0:xx:xx; Item, hurden yarn six pound seven pound of woolen yarn, and a ground and a half of heckle flax 0:xx:xx; Item, two sacks 0:xx:xx; Item, a fledge, a coverlet 0:4:xx; Item, a pot four pounds of feathers 0:1:xx; Item, a griddle, some wool, and a pannerd 0:0:xx. Charges xxxxxx. Item, in cash on the dead’s part 2:6:11; Item, the heir’s share of the barley, more to be added to the within Inventory comes to 0:10:0; Item, oats the heir’s share comet to 0:8:9; Item, the children’s share of the barley 0:0:9; Item, the children’s part of the oats 0:0:xx; Item, the children’s chare of lime ground and other corn comes to 0:7:6.

October 21st 1736: Christopher Bell one of the Executors of William Bell has now received from John Waterson husband to the Relict of the Deceased, the sum of fourty shillings & 9 pence, for what was due to said Christopher by the decease of his father William Bell, this being free of all deductions, and in full for his part of the Inventory, as also for the tools and his share of the sheep. Before me, Edw:Moore.

October 28th 1743: Margery Bell one of the Executors of William Bell has now received from John Waterson husband to the Relict of the Deceased the sum of four pounds fifteen shillings for what was due to her by the death of her father William Bell this being free of all deductions and in full for her past of the Inventory as also for the legacy. Before me, Robt. Radcliffe, Regr.

June 24th 1747: Anne Bell one of the Executors of William Bell came this day and acknowledged to have received from her stepfather John Waterson the sum of fourty shillings and nine pence for what was due unto her by the death of her father William Bell and does herby acquit and discharge him the said Waterson and Executors forever for the same. Before me, Robt. Radcliffe, Regr."





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