Archdeacon Wills 1728/9 #34, Malew of Thomas Taubman of White Stone:

"KK Malew: The last will of testament of Thomas Taubman being sick in body, but perfect in mind and memory at the making hereof. First, he committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial. Secondly, he left to his loving wife all his houses and lands called the White Stone during her life, and after her decease to one of his two sons Thomas or John, whether of them she pleaseth, he paying to the other son some reasonable consideration on his said wife shall think fit. He likewise left all the rest of houses, and lands, goods and effect of what nature soever to his said wife; and desired if she thought fit to dispose of his part of Cathrins Close & Pickands Closes to pay off the debts, and he cut off his children with six pence apiece legacy. Witnesses: Matt: Taubman, Robert Quay.

One of the witnesses being Nephew to the Executrix, Capt Charles Moore has made oath that the Testator declared to him that he had made his will as within expressed. And the Executrix is sworn in Court, and gave pledges, the witnesses of the will.

24 May 1729, Robert Shimmin enters a claim against the Executrix of Thomas Taubman for 11 shillings 8 pence, and craves the Law.

Malew, July the 19th, 1729,Thomas Bridson enters a claim against the Executrix of Thomas Taubman for the sum of twenty eight shillings and seven pence half penny, and craves the Law.

January 20, 1729, Mrs. Catharine Halsal, in behalf of her brother the Revd. Mr. Anthony Halsal, enters a claim against the Executrix of Thomas Taubman of the White Stone for ten pounds, etc."




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