Archdeacon Wills 1729 #17, Santan, of John Brew of Knockfrey, died about 10 April 1729:

"The last will and testament of John Brew of Knocfrey of the Parish of Santan, who was of perfect mind and memory at the making hereof, and departed this life about the 10th April 1729. First, he commended his soul to God, and his body to Christian burial. Item, he left to his daughter Isable 20 shillings. To his daughter Anne a cow and twenty shillings. To his son in law John Cain six shillings. To his grandson John Leece half a young heifer. To his daughter Kathrine 20 shillings. To the Curate a mutton. Lastly, he left his beloved wife Karther Brew and his youngest daughter Amy joint executrices of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: Robert Leece, Richard Cretney.

The Executices sworn in court in form of Law, & gave pledges the witnesses of the will."




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