Episcopal Wills George Waldron 1729 Braddan

WALDRON, George 1729-1 Bra E d 0106372

Braddan Apr the 6th 1729

Mr. George Waldron, one of His Majestyís officers in this Island departed life (according to the information given) in the city of London in the month of June last without any will or settlement of his effects in this island that appear. Mrs. Susannah Cliff his stepdaughter who came to this island to take care of his children having not only refused to adminr but also privately gone off the Island therefore in order to the security of the goods of the decedent and satisfaction of many claimants here the admin thereof (there being at present no general sumnr) is committed to the sub sumner Daniel Christian, who is to bring to the Records a perfect inventory thereof and with the advice of Mr. John Sanforth and Mr. William Murray (principal claimers) to dispose of the same to the best advantage, and pay off all claimers according to their several proportions, as farr as the goods will allow, and the court shall order.

John Curghey Vicr Genl

Decretu est et solvit
The inventory next court

then follows a list of claims - the corner of the page (of this and subsequent pages is missing - damp or mice ?) - a small summary page is however also attached


Cath Cubbin

6s 0d

Mr. [Hendrick] Toren

£1 6s 0d

Mr. [Wm] Fine

£2 2s 11d

Charles Parker

11s 2d

Mrs. Fo[?]

£6 6s 0d

Captain Fletcher

£4 5s 9d

Mr. Andrew Savage

£2 6s 0d

Hugh Gregg

11s 11d

Mr. Sanforth

£20 8s 8d

Mr. Seddon

£4 4s 0d

Dr Jenkinson

£3 10s 0d

Mr. Cort

£1 16s 5d

Mr. Peter Curlet

9s 0d


£48 3s 10d

Mr. John Murray

£25 0s 0d

Mr. William Murray

£36 0s 0d

and also attached is an inventory and the prices obtained at their sale.


At a Chapter sheading court held at Douglas Octr 21 1728

John Murray, John Sanforth & William Murray all of Douglas merchants complaining to this Court that the late George Waldron one of His Majestyís officers here; who died in London in May last, was considerably indebted unto them And that money having been sent over by Mrs. Susanna Cliff to discharge the debts of the Island, she had also disposed of the sd decedts effects here and yet that no part of the respective sums due to the complainants is yet satisfied. The court has this day taken that matter into consideration and it appearing by the oath of Thos Christian of Ballahutchin that the sd Sussana Cliff told him some time after her arrival that her mother had sent over gold or other money by her to pay the debts but that she would nevertheless use her own discretion and it also appearing that the sd Sussana Cliff hath not only paid a part of the decedentís debts accordingly but likewise taken away wilfully and made use of his effects that is to say actually sold them to several persons without any authority from this court She is therefore declared liable to the administration, and (if the debts shall happen to exceed the inventory,)to pay all debts out of her own goods; which if she refuse or neglect to do, being lawfully charged; The Sumnr or a soldier from the constable of Castle Rushen is to confine her [] German's Prison, there to remain until she give [] Law & pay all fees.

To the Sumner of Kirk Braddan

A Jane Waldron married Charles Parker at Braddan 14 Apr 1729




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