Archdeacon Wills 1728/9 #33, Santan, of Ellinor Bridson of Ballaquickin, Santan:

"Santan 1728: The last will and testament of Ellinor Bridson of Ballaquickin of KK Santan who departed this life November 28, 1728. First, she commended her soul to God and her body to Christian burial. Item, she left to her daughter Ellinor seven pounds. To her daughter Margaret seven pounds. And to her daughter Katherine seven pounds besides a mant and petticoat of the stuff in the house to her said daughter Katherine. Item, she left to her eldest daughter Margaret Quirk her choice garment and a pair of shoes. To her daughter Isable Gawn of KK Christ Rushen her second suit of clothes, if she lived to enjoy the same. Item, she left all the rest of her shaped clothes linen and woolen to her three daughters equally betwixt them vizt., Ellinor, Margaret and Katherine. Item, she left to her grandson William Quirk half a young heifer. To her grandson Philip & John Quirk half a young heifer. She left to her 3 grandchildren Isable, Katherine and Ann Bridson an ewe lamb apiece. To her nephew Thomas Bridson 3 yards of fine cloth for a shirt. To her servant Thomas Quark a shirt of coarse cloth. She left half a firlett of meal or barley to the poor of the Parish, and a mutton to the Curate. She left to her loving husband Thomas Bridson Executor of all the rest of hergoods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: John Quill, Ann Maddrell.

The Executor sworn in Court, and gave pledge, the Revd. Mr. Cosnahan"




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