Episcopal Wills 1728 Malew #3, of Christopher Parker

(from MM / LDS 0106372)

Mr Christopher Parker of Ballacagen departed this
life abt the 20th of Jan 1727 intestate & his
daughter Mrs Eliz Stanley als Parker & her husband
Mr Charles Stanley, and also Mrs Cath Parker
having reliquished their right of the administration 
to Robt Green. He therefor is decreed admr
(reserving the right of Mr Stanley Parker who [is]
out of the Island) and accordingly sworn in form
of law
decrtum & solvit 2s 4d
salve tamen
Pledges Mr Jo Wattleworth & Edw Waterson

Feb 14 1728 Mr Edmund Corlet of Lezayre enters a claim agt
the admr of Mr Christor Parker for 2 13 0
June 25 1729 Capt Jo Oates & his mother for 3 10 0
July 16 1729 J. Woods for 5 0 0
Oct 16 1729 Mr Tho Elston for 12s 2
Oct 24 1730 Mrs Parker has paid him

A true and perfect inventory of the goods & effects
of Mr Christopher Parker of Ballacagen decd taken by
four sworn men vizt Ro Maddrell, Tho Harley, David
Kenedy and James Parr; Mrs Parker being sworn to rendr
a true acct of all the goods to the administrator
A silver cup & seven silver spoons 7 0 0
Delft ware and china cups 0 10 0
two pictures and a map 00 15 0
48ld pewter at 10 per pound 2 0 0



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