Episcopal Wills 1727 Maughold #2, John Kelvy

(from MM / LDS 0106376 ) - courtesy of Averil Roper

Ramsey      1727

      John Kelvy departed this Life
      about the 16th of July last, intestate,
      whereupon the Court has decreed his
      three Children, viz. Tho: Isabel, &
      Margaret Kelvy Sole & joint Admrs.
      of all his goods & Chattles what-
      Soever, who being under age, the
      Relation appearing, the Widow is Sworn
      in form of Law, & gave Pledges
      Mr Jo: Wattleworth junr. & Jo: Moore
      [Inds.] there being a Son, viz Jo: Kelvy,
      by a former wife, he is decreed joint
      Admr. With the other three abovesd.

                                          Decretum est & Solvit : 1s : 9d

December 5 1727      John Curghey enters a Claim agt. Ye Adms. of
Jon Kelvy for eighteen Shillings & Six pence,

Feb. 29. 1727 Mr Hugh Black enters for 9s : 11d
& craves the Law. 

June 6. 1728 Capt. Jo: Wattleworth of R-----
enters for 2 : 0 : 0      & craves the Law

A [Time] and perfect Inventory of the goods of John Kelvy
of Ramsey who departed this life ye 17 of July 1727 prised by
4 sworn men viz Evan Christian, John Moore, Robert Callow,
William Kneale ye: 24th of the said Instant as followeth
All wooden vessals      00 = 06 = 00
To trenchers and [Nogging]      00 = 01 = 00
To pots and a Gridel      00 = 10 = 00
To two tabels and form with frame      00 = 06 = 00
To two bed Heads      00 = 03 = 00
To a barrel      00 = 01 = 00
To a Chist      00 = 03 = 00
To two boxes      00 = 00 = 06
To two Cadows      00 = 05 = 00
To one Cadow      00 = 02 = 06
To four blankets      00 = 04 = 00
To one table Cloath with 4 napkins      00 = 02 = 00
To one Sheet      00 = 01 = 06
To one Chist      00 = 06 = 00
To one bed Head      00 = 01 = 06
To one feather bed and two pillow boars      00 = 05 = 00
To one Chair and 2 bucket Stools      00 = 01 = 00
To one basket      00 = 00 = 04
To one pair of Wollen Cards      00 = 00 = 04
To 37 pound of old [powder]      01 = 04 = 08
To ould brass pan      00 = 13 = 04
To one Candel Stick      00 = 00 = 06
To A Cow      01 = 00 = 00
To [as] Gun      00 = 03 = 00
To two Houses and Garden      18 = 00 = 00
To two [deamothes] of hay      12 = 00 = 00

                                                                                    In all = 36 = 08 = 00

[Inds] this Inventory contains the goods of the
Husband & Wife.            The Children, Tho: Isabel & Margt. Kelvy      

The following is taken from Constance Radcliffe "Ramsey 1600-1800" pub 1986 p129

KELVIN (or Kelvey, Kelvie, 'Kealway)

Thomas Kelvey came to Ramsey shortly after his father-in-law John 
Black, whose daughter Jane he married in 1659. In 1661, when he was sworn 
a denizen of the Island, he was described as "Scotchman and Shopkeeper" of 
Ramsey. Ten years later, he had risen in status to "merchant" when he bought 
a house and garden on the old Mooragh from Elizabeth Fox. This property 
was known as "Kelvin's Concerns" in a Mortgage of 1839, and stood to the 
East of Lough House, being bounded by the top of College Street, the Old 
Cross, and Church Street. Thomas died in 1685, and was followed in the 
family business by his son John, evidently a man of fierce temper. In 1696, 
"in his passion and upon provocation given him by his servant Hugh Caley, 
in not obeying his commands", he chased the apprentice into a neighbour's 
house, and struck at his head with a bridle, causing Hugh such a wound that 
Daniel Morizon "Chyourgeon" despaired of his life. Perhaps John preferred 
the sea to the land, because in 1711 at the time of the death of his first wife, 
Mary Robinson, he was a "navigator". There was one son surviving from this 
marriage, John, who "perished by sea at the Island of Jamaica" about 1734, 
by a second marriage, he had a son Thomas, who continued the business. 
Thomas was also married twice, but had children only in his first marriage 
to Catherine Blackburn, who died in 1748. Her inventory consisted mostly of 
furniture, but other items included a pig (1/6), a cow (1), 300 slates and latts 
(1/4), hog's grease and a Dollan (4zd), a tun (cask) of coals (4/-), herring nets, 
bags and tows, fishing lines and leads (3/9), and two spits and all irons 
belonging to the Grate (2/-). The Doctor's charge was 6/3, the Minister's 6/2, 
and 1/6 had to be expended on making the grave, a duty which fell on the 
mourners at this time.

After Thomas's own death, the business was carried on by his elder son 
John (1738-1807), who married Leonora Cowle, daughter of Arthur Cowle 
the Kella. Their children, two sons and two daughters, were born between 
1764 and 1773, the eldest son, another John Kelvin, being the last Ramsey 
merchant in the family to own "the dwelling house and outhouse on the South 
side of the Lake, called Kelvin's houses." By 1823, the last part of Kelvin's 
Concerns had come into the possession of Thomas Arthur Corlett, John 
Kelvin's cousin on the Cowle side, and the family seem to have moved to 
Liverpool. James Kelvin, younger son of the last John, came from there in 
1859, and married Margaret Cottier at Lezayre, but died soon after. Mrs. 
Kelvin, believed to be the last of the family, lived near Sulby Bridge until her 
death in 1903.

The following family history has been supplied by Avril Roper - unless otherwise specified all marriages, baptisms and burials, in Maughold Parish Church - John was married three times not twice.

Kelvy  1647  Maughold, Isle of Man,

THOMAS   burial,  16th  May  1685
1659  Marryed,  Thomas Kelwy  and   Jane Blacke   September  7th 
1660  Baptized, Evan Kellwie  fil: Tho    June  14th 
1660  Buryed, Ewan Kealwey  sone of Tho   October  16th 
1661  Baptized,  .. Kelwy   fil:  Tho    9th   24th 
1663  Baptized,  Wm  sone  of  Tho  Kealwey   8  ber   29th 
1665                   Jo Kealwey    sone of  Tho    ye same day
1667  Baptized,  Tho    sone  of  Tho  Kealwey  August  2nd 
1669  Baptized,  Robt Kelwin    fill:  Tho   March  16th 
1672  Baptized,  Ann Kelwy     fill:  Tho  September  30th 
1674  Baptized,  Margt Kelwy    fill:  Tho  January  17th 

1685  Buryed,  Thomas  Kelwey    May  16th 

See Will of John Black, Merchant of Ramsey - Archd will 1665 #001 Maughold
    John Black of Ramsey, merchant: son Robert (mother dead), son Hugh (mother dead),
    wife Grace (called 'stepmother' Grace Quayle in 1674; md John Quayle by 1670) ;
    3 daus of wife Grace; dau Ellin (mother dead); dau Elizabeth (mother dead); 
    dau Jane; grandchildren Peggy Kealwey & John Kealwey (their father is Thomas Kealwey),
    Deemster Mr. Edward Christian & Richd Fox are overseers of 3 underage children.

JOHN   1665 - 1727  [Will]                         Son of,  Thomas Kelvie & Jane Black
John Kelvy married,  Jane Harrison [Will];
                                         her burial  Jane Kelwy  alias  Harrison  November  15th 1691   Mother, Anne Harrison
1687  Baptized, Jane Kelwey  fil:  Jo   May  22nd   [Will]    burial, 22nd  April  1711  LEZAYRE
1688  Baptized, Tho  Kelwey  fil:  Jo   November  19th       burial, c1691
1691  Baptized, James Kelwey  fil: Jo   June  6th            burial, c1691
In the Inventory of Jane Kelvy als Harrison there are funeral expenses for the Eldest Son and the Youngest Son

  2nd marriage  Mary Robinson  [Will]
                                          her Burial,  1710
                                          her baptism, 6th Aug. 1668  MALEW  d/o Samuel Robinson & Brigit Crow
1696  Baptized,  .  Kelwy   fil: Jon  March  25th   burial, Sarah Kelvie  19th Feb 1697  LEZAYRE 
1701  Baptized,  John Kelwey  fil: Jon  May  29th 
1706  Baptized,  John Kelwey  fil: Jon  January  28th   died in 1740  [Will]

   3rd Marriage  Jane  Stowel  her burial, 25th  Feb  1741  LEZAYRE [Will]
1713  Baptized, Tho  Kelwey  fil: Jon  March  22nd 
1720  Isabell Kelwey  1st  May; marriage, 25th Apr. 1746 Daniel Christian  BRIDE
                               burial,  Isabel Christian als Kelvin  22nd  April 1761 [decree]
                               Children,(To be checked),
                                  William Christian abt. 1753  of Ramsey
                                  George Christian  abt. 1757  of Ramsey
                                  John Christian    mentioned in Will of His Mother,  Issable Christian 1777
                                  Catharine Christian   mentioned in Will of Her Mother, Issable Christian 1777
                                  Jane Christian   mentioned in Will of Her Mother,  Issable Christian  1777

1722  Anne Kelwey  26th  Jan
1724  Margaret  c1724   1st marriage,  John Looney,    2nd marriage,  William Creetch
1726  Elizabeth  c1726          named in Mother's Will,   Jane Kelvy  1742

The Will of John Kelvy 1727 names Daughter,  Margaret
The Will of John Kelvie 1740 names Sister,  Margaret

THOMAS   1713 - 26th Dec 1780  LEZAYRE                   Son of, John Kelvie  &  Jane Stowel
    married Catherine Blackburn  her burial , 24th June 1748 LEZAYRE [will]
1738  John Kelvie  15th  Feb
1739  William Kelvie  8th  Mar
1742  Thomas Kelvie  22nd  Dec  (Parents, Thomas & Ann)  ? burial, 
1745  James Kelvie  6th  April

     Slight query re Thomas - there is a burial Thomas Kelvie  infant  9th Jan 1741 (ie less than 1 month after 22 Dec O/S)  LEZAYRE from smallpox 
        (? is this Wm  as very young infants do not generally die from smallpox but is a major killer of slightly older children) -
     also administration of Thomas s/o Thomas Kelvie + Cath who died in his minority in Dublin 1751

   2nd Marriage
   married, Elizabeth  Cole als Curphy  16th July 1748      

JOHN   1738 - 23rd Jan 1807  LEZAYRE          Son of, Thomas Kelvie & Catherine Blackburn
       married  10th  Nov  1763 Leonora Cowle (d/o Arthur Cowle (the Kella) & Leonora Aiscough  Baptised, 14th Oct 1729 LEZAYRE)   [Will]
       her Burial,  28th Feb  1805  LEZAYRE

1764  John Kelvie 11th Sep
1766  Jane Kelvie 20th April  m. Micheal Christian 25th Oct 1791 MAROWN
                              2nd Marriage, Thomas Crellin 9th Feb 1808 LEZAYRE 
                                  Kelvin Thomas William Crellin 21st Dec 1809 DOUGLAS
                                  Jane Kelvin Crellin 11th April 1812 DOUGLAS

1767  Catharine Kelvie  30th  Aug  m. William Preston
1771  Leonora Kelvie  16th  Dec  burial, Leonora  infant  7th  Sep  1772  LEZAYRE
1773  Hesco Arthur Kelvie 26th Sep (Ascough Arthur)    named in Father's Will 1836

JOHN   1764 - 25th May 1838  LEZAYRE           Son of, John Kelvie & Leonora Cowle
       married, Anne Cottier 28th Feb 1807  LEZAYRE  her burial, 15th Feb. 1833  LEZAYRE
1808  John Kelvin  3rd  Feb  RAMSEY
1809  Ann Kelvin  5th  April  RAMSEY
1810  James Kelvin  13th  Sep  RAMSEY
1812  Leonora Christian Kelvin 25th Nov  RAMSEY
1812  Jane Catherine Kelvin 25th  Nov  RAMSEY
1813  Catharine Susannah Kelvin 3rd Oct     RAMSEY

JAMES   1810 - 14th Aug. 1860     age 49                  Son of, John Kelvin & Anne Cottier
      married, Margaret Cottier   25th  September 1859  LEZAYRE  her Burial, 28th Jan 1903  age 76  LEZAYRE
1860 Leonora Georgina Kelvin 16th Oct LEZAYRE   burial, 12th Nov. 1863  aged 3  LEZAYRE

1851 Census  Liverpool, LANCASHIRE
40 Gt. Newton St.  ( the home of, Samuel Dickinson, Watch Finisher )
James Kilvin  Visitor  Widr  39  Butler  Isle of Man

1851 Census Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
William Cottier  Head   Mar  64  Joiner Master & 2 Apprs. Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Margaret Cottier  Wife  Mar  59  Wife                     Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Margaret Cottier  Dau    U   24  Bonnet & Dressmaker      Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Eliza Cottier     Dau    U   18    "  Appr.               Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE

1861 Census Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Ginger Hall
Margaret Kelvin  Head  Widow  34  Bonnet Maker      LEZAYRE
Lenora Kelvin    Dau          6 month               LEZAYRE
John Cottier     Nephew       6    Scholar          WIGGAN, ENGLAND
Margt  Cottier    Niece      11   Scholar           LIVERPOOL

1871 Census  Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Ginger Hall
Margaret Kelvin  Head    W  45  Dressmaker  Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
John Cottier   Nephew  Unm  16  House Carpenter  Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE

1881 Census Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Ginger Hall
Margaret Kelvin  Head  W  54  Dressmaker    Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE

1891 Census Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE
Lezayre Rd.
Margaret Kelvin  Head  Widow  64  Living on her own means   Isle of Man,  LEZAYRE



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