Episcopal Wills 1721-1 Arbory, of Elizabeth Tyldesley (als Wybrants)

(from MM EW33 / LDS 0106371)

Kk Arbory
In the name of God, Amen, I Elizabeth
Tyldesley als Wybrants, being weak &
feable in body, but of sound mind &
perfect memory, praised be God, do make
this my last will and testamt in manner
following. First I commit my soul to
God and Body to Christian Burial,
I leave to ye poor of Kk Arbory ten
shillings, and to ye poor of Kk Malew
five shillings. I leave to my neece
Elizh Wybrants and to her bror each
of them a guiney, when they come to 
age, to buy them mourning rings
and cut off all other friends and
relations wth six pence a piece legacie.
Lastly I constitute and appoint my dear
& loving husband exr of all the rest
of my goods whatsomever in case I leave
no issue behind me. But if it please
God to bless me wth a child or children
that will live & come to age, I do appoint
him^her^ or them my exrs and my husband
supervisor who I expect will give a
just acct without any prisers wch is
my desire In testimony where of I
have subscribed my name and
fixed my seal this seventh day
of December 1725
Elizbh Tyldesley als Wybrants
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of us
John Harrison, Robt Maddrell jurati

The husband Rich Tyldesley is sworn exr
in form of law & gave as
pledges the witnesses of the will
4 July 1727 Probatum est & solvit

June 15 1726 Jony Clague
enters a claim agt the extr of
Mrs Eliz Tyldesley as Wybrants for 1 4 0
due for wages with a gown & petticoat wrth 8s 
& craves the law

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so not sure of burial date - see father's will



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