Cathrine Rothmell als Fox als Qualtrough, 1727

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Articles of Mariage concluded and agreed upon between the Reverend Mr Walker Rector of Ballaugh & one of the Vicars Genrll of this Isle in behalf of his Brother Ro: Teare on the one Part and John Rothmell of Castletown & Cathrine His Wife in behalf of their Daughter Cathrine Fox on the other Part the 14th May 1717 - as fol

Imprs: It is agreed upon that the said Ro Teare and Cathrine Fox shall enter into the Holy State of Matrimony within one Month after the Date hereof God and Holy Church permitting same.

2ly The said Mr Walker agreed to give the young Couple ten pounds which he has paid them in hand at the writing hereof besides what the sd Ro Teare's father & mother shall fitt to give them.

3ly The said John Rothmell & Cathrine his wife the better to enable them to make some Settlement upon the said young Couple hath covenanted and agreed, and the said John Rothmell doth by the Presents give up & intirely acquitt all his Right Title and Interest to the house Gardens and Lands that he is or may be intituled unto by his marriage with his present wife the said Cathrine Rothmell als Fox, his said wife Cathrine Rothmell acquitting unto him the said John Rothmell all the Right and Interest that she hath or may have unto the said John Rothmells House and broken Walls above Street; And the said John Rothmell and Cathrine his wife doth hereby settle and estate upon the said young Couple half of all the Right Title and Interest that the said Cathrine Rothmell hath unto the Houses Gardens and Lands as well by her former Right as by the above Agreemt now made by and between the said John Rothmell & herself abovementioned reserving the other half for her son Byron Fox, to be enjoyed by the said young Couple after the Decease of the said Cathrine Rothmell; And the said John Rothmell doth further agree to give the young Couple the sum of three pds in money within three years after the Date hereof, and that they shall likewise have a furnished feather bed with what Table Linnen, Sheetes, & other household Goods they can now well spare att present, and all her Household Goods, Chattels & Effects of what kind soever to fall equally betwixt the young Couple & the sd Byron Fox after her the sd Cath Rothmell's Decease.

4thly Richd Fox brother of the above mentioned Cathrine Fox promises & obliges himselfe to give the young Couple in Money or Goods the sum of four pds.

Lastly All parties to these Presents oblige themselves their Heirs, Execrs. Admnrs, & Assigns to the performance of the several & respective Articles & Covenants herein before mentioned in the Penalty & Forfeiture of One Hundred Pounds in the Nature of all such Forfeitures within this Isle.

In Witness whereof they have subscribed their names the day & year aforementioned.

Wm Walker
John Rothmell
Cath Rothmell her mk X
Rich: Fox
Robt Teare
Cathrine Fox
Signed & delivered in presence of:
Wm Sedden
Will: Ross

30th March 1724 Mr Rothmell & Mrs Rothmell (as far as relates them) came & have acknowledged the within and above Articles of Marriage to be their Act & Deed & Mr Teare being present do likewise acknowledge the same before me. Cha: Moore

At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen the 23rd of Novr 1727

The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the Deemster & now published in open Court & no objection offored against in therefore they are allowed of & confirmed according to Law.

Cha: Moore
Tho Horton
Nicho: Christian
James Horton
Jno: Brownell
Dan Mylrea Examd JC.....Brownell Compr.

At Castletown ff 28 1727 The annexed contract being proved and confirmed is accepted for the Last Will & Testament of Mrs Catharine Rothmell & her son Byron Fox & -xxd out (in margin - self & child) (added in - in behalf of) Catharine Tear his sister are sworn in due form of Law. And gave Pledges Mr Robt Maddrell, Nich Bridson, and Edward Killey.

Acceptu, est .....

The Inventory before next Court.

[FPC Note Ro Teare was half brother from Dr Walker's mother's second marriage, he was Schoolmaster at Peel, John Rothmel was one time Gunner at Castle Rushen; Byron Fox inherited the house, garden and Brewhouse which is now the Union Hotel]



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