Archdeacon Wills 1727 #22, Santon, of Catherine Bridson als Moore:

[From MM /LDS 0106213]

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Kath: Bridson als Moore of Ballaquicken in KK Santan, being in perfect mind and memory at the making hereof, deceased the 5th October 1727.
First she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.
Item, she bequeathed to her three children Isabel, Katharin and Ann Bridson eight pound apiece. And provided the said Isabel (being the eldest daughter) should inherit the said Ballaquickin, then she bequeathed to her (the said Isabel) her part of the crop and team at present, or what may become due unto her hereafter of the same, and also forty shillings more apiece to be advanced to the said two youngest children of the eight pound bequeathed to the said Isabel, and the remaining four pound to return to the Executor hereafter named.
Item, to her sister Elizabeth one suit of headclothes.
Item, she bequeathed to her sister Anne whatever she owed her.
Item, she bequeathed to her said daughter Isabel one black hood, and all the rest of her linens to be betwixt the said Isabel and the rest of the children.
Item, she bequeathed to her nephew Thomas Moore of Balnahow one lamb.
Item, she bequeathed to Joney Christian her maid her wearing gown and one shift. Item, to Isabel Gell another of her maids one petticoat.
Item, to a poor blind child of Robert Curghey’s e Largey three or four kishans of barley, and ordered her loving husband Thomas Bridson to give him some herrings.
Item, to the Revd Mr. Cosnahan one mutton for preaching her funeral sermon.
Item, she ordained and appointed her loving brothers John Moore Balnahow and William Corran Ballameanagh supervisors of her said children.
Item, she ordered her loving father Robert Moore and the said John Moore to see her decently buried.
Lastly, she constituted, nominated and appointed her said loving husband Thomas Bridson whole and sole Executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable what soever.

Witnesses: John Clucas, Thomas Moore.

The Executor sworn in form of Law.

Probatum est & Solvit 16 pence.

The children and their goods in the father’s hands and hath given pledges John Clucas and Thomas Moore. William Corran one of the supervisors is sworn, the other to be sworn.

Santan: Stephen Kneal[?Nelson] husband of Elizabeth[?Isabel] Bridson & daughter and legatee of her mother Cath: Bridson acknowledged to have received at and from the hands of Thomas Bridson Executor of the said Cath: the sum of eight pounds being the legacy bequeathed to said Elizabeth by her mother’s decease. And Stephen Kneal aforesaid for himself and wife acquit Thomas Bridson and his Executors of the same for ever before me, this 28th December1789. [signed his mark] Stephen Kneal.
To be annexed to the will of Cath: Bridson, Ar: Registry about 12 years ago




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