Archdeacon Wills 1725/6 #143, Maughold, of Ellinor Callow als Stockdale of Ballafayle, died 18 Dec 1725:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Ellinor Callow alias Stocktill of Ballafayle who departed this life about the 8 of December anno 1725, she being in good and perfect memory at making thereof. First she bequeathed to her daughter Abigail all her shaped clothes linen and woolen if she thought them worth her taking, otherwise she bequeathed her six pence legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her son William Callow a feather bed with six pence legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her grandchild William Callow her part of the big chair. Item, she bequeathed to the several witnesses six pence each. Item, she bequeathed all the rest of her goods & chattels moveable and immoveable of what kind soever to her husband Robert Callow and nominated him whole and sole Executor. Witnesses: Ewan Corkill, Joney Costean.

The Executor came into Court, & has given pledges Mr. John Allen & William Callow."




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