Archideaconal Will 1725/6 #106, Arbory, of Dorothy Norris alias Fox, widow, relict of Deemster Mr. Thomas Norris, made 5 April 1723


"KK Arbory: In the name of God, amen, the 5th of April 1723. I Dorothy Norris alias Fox widow, & relict of Mr. Thomas Norris one of the Deemsters of this Island, being in perfect mind and memory, praised be God, do make my last will and testament, in manner following.
First, I commit my soul to my Saviour Jesus Christ, and my body to Christian burial.
Item, I bequeath to the poor blind people of KK Christ, KK Arbory, KK Malew & KK St Anne, twenty shillings. Item, to four clergymen, vizt., Mr. Quaile, Mr. Curghey of Peel, Mr. Makon & Mr. Halsall a pair of gloves each, whom I intend to take up my coffin at the door.
Item, to cousin Jane Stevenson a mourning ring.
Item, to Mary Shimmin my every day wearing cloathes and a new chequer apron, & flannel petticoat.
Item, to my son Ralph 5 napkins with two webs of cloth.
Item, to my daughter in law Isabel Norris als Parr my hod and scarf.
Item, Whatever remains of my income, after my funeral charges, to be laid out in linen cloth, 12 yards for xxxxxxxxxxxx. I appoint my grandson Matthew Taubman whole Executor of all my goods, & to take care of my funeral charges. Witnesses: Henry Cubbon, Isabel Norris, Jane Stevenson.

The witnesses have proved the Will excepting two xxx of sheet they xxxx wore left to Ann, who they are doubtful, and are positive about the same.

The Executor sworn in Court in form of Law.

Pledges, Henry Cubon & William Sansbury.

February the 12th 1725/6: A true and perfect Inventory of Mrs. Dorothy Norris goods late deceased value by four sworn men, vizt., William Cubbon, William Surlock, John Watterson, John Kewley.
Imprimis, Item a cold cap and cloak 0 pounds 10 shillings 0 pence;
Item four old sheets one fine & 3 coarse 0:4:6;
Item an silk hankerchief 0:1:6;
Item three old aprons and old head cloths 0:3:0;
Item, a pair of small tongs & smoothing iron 0:1:2;
Item, a old crack wooden bowl & earthen stewpot 0:0:5;
Item, an old redcin pillin & pillin cloth 0:1:2;
Item, one old bed & bolster & small pillow 0:7:2;
Item, two old blankets & old quilt 0:3:0; Item, one old brass candlestick & pewter plate 0:1:6;
Item, one old poset cup and jug a xxx glass still 0:0:6;
Item, a large common prayer book & Manks book 0:3:6;
Item, three old shifts & a hair towenred[?] 0:3:2;
Item, one old blanket and fledges 0:1:8;
Item, a looking glass 3:6, & a small pewter dish 0:5:0;
Item, two old petticoats, & a pair of old stays & stomacher 0:3:6;
Item, a sheuit of crape & a piece of remnant 0:9:6;
Item, one old trunk two old small boxes & a old table 0:4:0;
Item, five glass bottles a posit xxxxx small can 0:1:0;
Item, a frying pan & old hoop of a ring 0:0:8;
Item, one old big chair & ten small chairs an old settle 0:15:0;
Item, a small ale pot & pan mug 0:0:6;
Item, an old cupboard & chap in block 0:2:6;
Item, a free stone trough and old stilling 0:2:0.

Memoradum: None of the legacies are valued & apprized excepting the sheets.

15 February 1725/6: Thomas Crellin enters a claim against Mrs. Dorothy Norris’s Executor for 6 shillings 8 pence."

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficientthus burial date not confirmed

[fpc - the Manks book was almost certainly Bishop Wilson's The principles and duties of Christianity - see Moore]




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