Archdeacon Wills 1725 #59, Andreas, of Joney Christian als Crebbin, died 21st March 1724/5:

"KK Andreas 1724: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Joney Christian als Crebbin who departed this life about the 21st March 1724,and was of perfect mind and memory at the making of it. First, she committed her soul to God, and her body to Christian burial. Afterwards, the Testatrix and her husband consented to leave to their grandson John Christian son of Daniel a yearling. To their son John Christian a sheep, and a lamb betwixt his two children. To their son William Christian five shillings. To their granddaughters Joney and Catharine Christian a yard of linen clothe betwixt them. To their son Daniel Christian the 12 shillings 6 pence that was in BallaGawn, and if their said son will not leave it to his heir, but settle the same on another wife, then it was to fall and descend to their Executrix Jane Christian. She left to her husband Philip Christian the bed clothes during his life. And they appointed and constituted their daughter Jane Christian sole and lawful Executrix of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable. And left 4 pence to each of the witnesses. And her husband had the liberty to dispute of 10 shillings at the latter day. Witnesses: Ann Wade als Kneal, Joney Kynry als Radcliffe. The Executrix worn in form of Law, and resigns her father part of goods to himself. Pledges, John Crebbin and John Lace."




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