Archdeacon Wills 1725/6 #101, Braddan, of Daniel Kneal, made 9 January 1709/10, proved as a will 30 July 1725:

"Articles of Marriage condescended, concluded, and agreed upon betwixt Dan Kneale in the behalf of himself on the one part & Christian Cubbon on the other part in the behalf of herself both of the parish of KK Santan as follows:
First, it is concluded upon that the foresaid Dan Kneal & Christian Cubbon will come to holy Church to be joined together in the state of matrimony at or before a week after the date hereof, God & holy Church permitting the same.
Secondly, it’s agreed upon that if the aforesaid Dan Kneale die first he leaving all his goods moveable and unmoveable to the foresaid Christian Cubbon excepting one ten shilling to be at his own disposing to whom he please.
Thirdly, it is condescend that if the aforesaid Christian Cubbon died within a year and a day after their marriage, she is to leave twenty shillings to the foresaid Dan Kneale.
Fourthly, it is concluded and agreed upon by William Oates & his wife Margaret Oates als Cubbon to give half their tenement of Estate called BallaCostean to the foresaid Dan Kneale & Christian Cubbon using the longer lived of them provided they leave the half of Txxxx and their part of the husbandry gears to the said William Oates and his wife or their assigns after the xxx of the said Daniel or Christian Cubbon.
Fifthly, it’s agreed upon by Daniel & William Oates to build a house of four couple & a xxx kiln on the foresaid estate for their necessary use or want.
Sixthly, all parties concerned to the above Articles have bound themselves, their heirs, executors or assigns the penalty or forfeiture of ten pounds sterling to perform the above Articles one half thereof to the Right Honorable the Lord of this Isle & the other half to the party performing the foresaid Articles, as witness their marks to their names the 9th of January 1709/10. [signed their marks] Dan Kneal, Christian Cubbon, William Oates, Margaret Oates.
Witnesses: Thomas Bridson, John Moore, Will Crebbin.

13th May 1710: All the parties of the within Articles of Marriage have acknowledged the same to be their mutual Agreement. Before me: John Parr.

At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen the 12th October 1713: The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before Mr. Deemster Parr in his life time and now published in open Court and no objection against it the same are allowed of & confirmed according to Law by us. [signed] C.L. Stanley, J. Rowe, Wm Sedden, Dan McYlrea.

28th November 1713, Vera Copia.

July the 30th, 1725: This Contract bargain is accepted for the last will of Daniel Kneal and the widow sworn Executor in form of Law. Pledges in form of Law Christopher Cowl & Robert Curghey."




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