Archdeacon Wills 1723/4 #88, Malew, of Joney Watterson als Oates, died 1 January 1723/4:

"KK Malew: The last will and testament of Joney Watterson als Oates who died the first of January last. First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, she bequeathed unto her son John a little pot and a tub. She left unto her daughter Isable three pound of flax and all her shaped clothes both linen and woolen excepting her wearing westcoat & two old petticoat and one apron which she left unto Jane[?] Kelley She also left unto her said daughter her little wheel. She left unto John Kelley’s daughter half a yearling. She also left unto her two sons Robbart & Thomas one bowl of oats betwixt them. She left unto her son Robbart half a Loughten mutton. She left unto her loving husband her part of the mair. She left unto her daughter Esable and unto her two sons John & William all the rest of the corn which belonged unto her. She left all the rest of her goods equally between her five children Robbart, Thomas, John, William & Isable Watterson. Item, she declared that her son John had a sheep and lamb left unto him by his grandfather and that God increased them, and she bequeathed unto her daughter Isable on sheep in lamb, and to her son William one mutton, and to her son Thomas one mutton. Item, she declared that there was fourteen pence paid towards a pair of shoes for her son Thomas and ordered that he would get them. She also declared that there was some wool and wool upon skins in the house, and left upon her daughter Isable to spin the same and to make it in clothes for her son William. And she also left upon her said daughter to spin all the hurse that was within and to get it made in cloth and to make it in shirts for them. Witnesses: John Cannel, Richard Creere.

William being under age, and John absent, the other three Executors are sworn in Court in form of Law. The goods of William are in the hands of the other four Executors who have given pledges the one for the others.




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