Archdeacon Will 1723/4 #61, Maughold, of John Christian of Lewaigue, died 29 Oct 1723:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of John Christian of Lewague in the parish of KK Maughold, who departed this life the 29 of October anno 1723. First, being in good and perfect memory at the making there, he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial in his greatgrandfather’s grave. Item, he bequeathed to his eldest son and heir Ewan Christian his crops and teams, as it is expressed by his marriage contracts, and likewise his husbandry gears, instruments, or utensils, if his said son Ewan or any other of his own issue lives to enjoy the same. Item, he bequeathed to his sons Ewan & Edward all his apparel whether made or intended for that use, excluding his said son Ewan or whichever of his children comes to be heir, from any other part of his goods but what is before mentioned. Item, and all the rest of his goods and chattels of what kind or denomination soever, to all the rest of his children excepting the heir, and nominated them his whole and sole Executors.

Witnesses: William Stoil, Kathrin Karran.

The Executors being under age, the next relations Daniel Callow, John Christian, and Ewan Corlett are sworn in Court in form of Law.

The Inventory next Court.

November 2, 1724, The late Mr. Christian of Lewague’s books numbered and valued according to a catalogue taken of them in their several volumes: in folio 21 at 4 shillings each: 4:4:0; in quarto 54 at 2 shillings each: 5:8:0; in octavo 117 at 1 shilling each: 5:17:0; per Henry Allen by James Knipe.

November the 3, 1724: Whereas we Daniel Callow, John Christian and Ewan Corlett were sworn in Court supervisors and guardians of the Children of the late Mr. John Christian of Lewague, we have jointly taken an inventory of the several particulars of the said goods and do find after full valuation the decd’s part of the goods amounts to: The sum of 74 pounds 10 shillings 7 pence.

The Decd’s part of the Books valued by the Revd. Henry Allen and Mr. James Knipe is 7 pounds 14 shillings 6 pence. The goods and children in the mother’s hands who hath given pledges, the Revd. Mr. Allen of Lezaire and Mr. John Allen of KK Maughold."




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