Archdeacon Wills 1723/4 #65, Maughold, of Anne Christian als Callow: KK Maughold January 24, 1723/4:

We the subscribed persons being sent for by Anne Christian als Callow now deceased when she laid sick, who declared to us that she then lay on her death bed, as she thought, and that Hugh Christian & his sister Mary say that the girls, whom we apprehend to be Mary and Joney her sisters did owe here & her husband some money, but to prevent their further trouble, she declared that the said girls did not owe them on xx groat; after which we pressed her to make a will, whereupon she made answer that she had no will to make having no effects in the Island, and as for the small goods she had in Ireland she said that she owed others, and others owed her and thought what effects of hers were there now little enough to balance her debts. And being asked who she appointed to take up money from Charles Ratcliffe & his wife, she nominated William Ballafaile, William Ballaskeig to levey the same, & be paid for their trouble. And as for the money due from Carris’s daughter she owned her son had xxx some part thereof, but we remember not the exact sum; and she ownxx part of Charles Ratcliff’s money was to go towards the payment of her funeral charges. Witnesses: Edm: Kneale, Peter Corkill. The Testatrix having nominated no Executor, therefore her brother Rxxxx Callow, & her sisters Joney, Margaret & Mary Callow are decreed administrators, and Edward Croshe husband to Margaret is sworn in form of law. Pledges, the witnesses." Margaret Callow md Edward Crosier [Maughold bur reg:: Margt Crosier als Callow (a Quaker) bur 24 Jan 1729] [Ann Callow md Daniel Christian 22 Oct 1694 Maughold]




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