Archideaconal Will 1723 Patrick/German #98b, of John Christian

From MM / LDS

[listed on bottom half of page, after will #98 which was German]:

"KK Patrick: The last will and testament of JOHN CHRISTIAN who departed this life about the 10th of December last.
First he committed his soul unto God and his body to Christian burial.
It, He left his house and croft or Land to his wife during her life and then to the TWO CHILDREN betwixt him and his sd wife, and if they dye then to the CHILDREN OF HIS FORMER WIFE.
It, he left all the rest of his goods to his wife, and she to pay all debts and take the care of his CHILDREN; and if any of the cowns[?] the first wifes relations could claim any right He cutt them off with six pence Legacy. Wittnesses: Jon. Crellin, Nich: quay, jurati.

THE INVENTORY & PLEDGES NEXT COURT, which being brought in amounts to xx pounds : xx shillings : 2 pence [too dark to read]. The Goods & Children ……….[bottom of page, too dark to read].

DECR 1ST 1730: CHRISTIAN LATE WIFE & THE EXECRX of the within JOHN XTIAN declares that Sundry particulars belonging to her sd husband were left unvalu'd when the Inventory was brought in, And has now added more to the same (for corn, limestone, sheep, geese, turf, potatoes, &c [this is crossed out]) on the Deads part (amounts to [this is crossed out]) the sum of 1 : 12s : 1[or 3]d.

TO THE SUMNER OF KK PATRICK, To be forwarded wth all speed by the Sumners of Andrews, Jurby, Ballaugh, Michael & German.

[15 December 1730:] SUMNER: YOU ARE HEREBY REQUIRED to charge SILVESTER SHIMMIN & CHRISTIAN HIS WIFE to make their personal appearance at the Archdeacon's Registry in KK Andrews upon Saturday next being the 19th Decemr, to give in sufficient pledges for the forthcoming of orphans goods now in the hands of the sd SILVESTER & CHRISTIAN HIS WIFE. You must be punctual herein, in regard that complaint is made to this office, that the sd goods are very much embezil'd, & no security yet given for the same. Fail not at your peril forthwith to return to me this precept with a Certificate of our performance, that in case of disobedience, I may make application for a soldier. Dated at KK Andrews this 15th Decr 1730. Edward Moore, Archdns Register.

[19 December 1730:] REVND SR: IN OBEDIENCE TO THE WITHIN CHARGE SILVESTER SHIMIN & CHRISTIAN HIS WIFE appeared at KK Andrews, but have given no Pledges for the forthcoming of the CHILDRENS goods, as requir'd by Mr. Vicr Genrll Curghey. Complaint has been made by near Relations of the CHILDREN that the goods are squandered away & embeziled by the sd SILVESTER who is a most notorious Drunkard. I desire you will apply to the Governor for a soldier to commit him until he give in sufficient Pledges for the forthcoming of the sd goods or deliver up the amounts of the Inventory into the hands of Overseers. As well for the indemnifying of the office, as for securing the effects wch belong to the sd children. This is certify'd this 19th Decr 1730 by Edwd Moore Archdns Register.

To the Revnd Mr. Jon. Kippax Archdeacon of this Isle.
KK Patrick, Lib 2nd 1723/: To be annexed to JNO XTIAN Will. Philip Quillam & John Shimin are pledges for the goods due to JON. CHRISTIAN'S CHILDREN by the FORMER WIFE vizt., by MARRIAD COWIN.

AT KK MICHAEL 24TH FEBRY 1730/: PHILIP QULLIAM & JOHN SHIMIN are become pledges for the goods due to JOHN CHRISTIANS CHILDREN by the FORMER WIFE vizt., by MARRIAD COWIN."


German bur reg: John Christian bur 10 Dec 1723
E 1716-2 d Pat CHRISTIAN, Mariod COWN 0106367

1st wife: Marriad Cowin ?? md abt 1705 Patrick
?? 2nd wife : Christian Boddaugh:: John CHRISTIAN md 15 Nov 1716 Patrick to Christian BODDAUGH





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