Archdeacon Wills 1722/3 #44, Andreas, of Daniel Quark, made 19 January 1722/3: "The Will of Dan: Quark made and sealed January 19th, 1722/3:

The last will and testament of Daniel Quark is as follows: First he commended his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, he deemed there was four pounds due unto him from his niece Mary Christian als Quark, whereof he leaves 20 shillings to herself and five shillings to each of her three children. Item, he left to his four relations, vizt., Daniel, William, John, and Edmond Quark children of John Quark 5 shillings each. Item, he leaves to Esther Quark 5 shillings legacy. Item, le leaves to John Quark Ballavarghy 10 shillings that John Kewley owes him, and 14 shillings that Edmond Curlet owes him, with 20 pence more that he owes himself, being lent him to buy a horse. Item, he declares that Ned Lawson junior owes him 3 shillings, which he leaves to Margaret Quark & Ann Goldsmith. He declares there is 37 shillings due from Will: Sayle of the Craig. And William Curghy Balladromy owes him 38 shillings; whereof he leaves 3 shillings to himself, and a years time next he allows him to xxx the remainder. He leaves to his relation Mally Quark daughter of John 5 shillings legacy. He leaves his sister Margaret 15 shillings legacy. And to his sister Ellin 5 shillings legacy. He leaves four pounds to be expenses at his funeral which his relation John Quark is to see done after a decent and becoming manner; and more if there be need for it. He leaves to his niece Isabel Crain als Quark 20 shillings legacy. He declares that there’s 20 shillings due to him from William Corlet. And from Phinlo Corkil three shillings. From Philip Cannel eight shillings. He leaves to his nephew Tho: Casement 5 shillings. Xxx xxxx xxx John Cain of Largy doo xxx legacy. He leaves 30 shillings to buy two pool bath [? poolvash ?] stones, one for his own grave, and his brother Edmond’s grave. He leaves 18 pence apiece to the witnesses of his will. Lastly, he leaves and appoints his sister in law Margaret Quark als Sayle of BallaYoughy sole and lawful Executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatever.

Witnesses: Charles Wattleworth, Nicholas Cowley, Thomas Sayle.

The Executrix sworn in Court in form of Law. Pledges, the witnesses of the will.

25 March 1723: Isabel Quark, wife to John Cain, has acknowledged to have received the 20 shillings legacy left for her by her uncle Dan Quark; whereof she acquits his Executrix forever; before me: Charles Wattleworth [who was also one of the witnesses].

In silver in the house: 13 pounds 7 shillings 9 pence; a guinea: 1:7:6; more silver: 2:16:0; Total: 17:8:3."




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