Episcopal Will 1722 Robert Cannell, German

[From MM EWS31]

May 24 1722 German

Robt Cannell departed this life about the [the] 22nd of March last, intestate, where upon the Court has decreed his son Jon Cannell & daughter Bahee Cottier als Cannell joint Amrs of all his goods moveable & imoveable whatsoever ; & Jon & Bahee's husband are sworn in form of law.

Memo After the above decree was written two witnesses came into ye Court declaring that the above Robt Cannell made his will, & named his son John sole Exc However he is desious yt his brother-in-law Jo Cottier may be joint Admr with him, as documented

The Inventory within a month

Pledges Jo: Quirk & Jo Callister

Decretum est & Solvt

May 31 1722 John Woods of KK Lonan enters a claim against the Admrs of Robert Cannell for 6s:6d & craves the Law



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