Archdeacon Wills 1721/2 #47, Arbory, of Nicholas Quayle, made 10 Feb 1721:

"The last will and testament of Nicholas Quayle who being weak in body but of good and perfect memory, First committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, whereas his daughter Catherine bought a mare of him, the price of which he had not recovered, therefore bequeathed the said mare to his said daughter Catherine, with the bedstead and bed clothes excepting the rug. Item, to his son Robert 5 shillings and his part of the lime ground. Item, to his son in law William Corrin a rug. And lastly he nominated and appointed his said daughter Catherine and Dorothy Corrin and his son Robert Quayle Executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Date February 10th, 1721.

Witnesses: JohnClague, Catherine Costean. Robert Quayle & the husbands of Cathrine & Dorothy Corrin are sworn in Court in form of Law.

Pledges, David Cubbon & John Cainnell[?]"




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