Episcopal Wills 1720-2 Arbory, of Henry Corrin

(from MM EW31 / LDS 0106369)

Kirk Arbory 1720
The last will & testamt of Hen: Corrin of Kk Arbory
who being weak in body but of good & perfect
memory. First committed his soul to God & body to Christian
burial. Itm he left &  bequeathed his goods and
chattles to his wife & grandaughter Dulcibella
to be equally distributed amongst them, and
likewise desir'd his sd wife to give her part
of their goods to his sd grandaughter after her
demise, Itm he left his best suit of cloaths
to his son Henry + 2s legacy: and lastly
appointed his sd wife executrix Dat 28 Octbr
1720, Itm he left the quarter of the Miln
to his sd wife & Hen: Corrin his son
he desires that his son Hen, might
take care to see how the paymt
of Ballablack was made.
Thos Cubbon
Rich Corrin - jurati

The exectx & his son Henry Corrin
on behalf of his daughter are sworn
in court in form of law
Probatum est & solvit

Henry Corrin in[] on having the benefit of
his deed of gift bearing date January 6 1712 as
also a decree of chancery dated Nov 5 1713
which the court accepts & returns for ye sd Henry
Corrin who is to have ye benefit thereof
The inventory next court
Pledges Wm Corrin & Wm Clague

total £4 11 8
funerall charges £1 5 11

[the following documents are copies in a florid hand]

Whereas I Henry Corrin of Colby in the parish of
KK Arbory am by reason of old age become infirme and not
of ability to manage and occupy my affairs have out
of my naturall affection to my son Henry Corrin of Castletown
given granted gifted passed over and assigned and by
these presents do make a full present & free deed of gift
of all my right tytle & interest to my dwelling house outhouse
gardens croftes milnes and apputenances all of 5s 10d yearly
rent or thereabouts from me my heyres exrs admrs or assignes
unto my son Hen Corrin his heyres extr admrs or assignes
for ever together will all ways watters wattercourses easnts
libertyes profitts or advantages to the premises or any
part thereof (being all within the parish of Kk Arbory)
benog, as also all my right tytle and interest in and to
the lands of Ballablack and the proffitts thereof during
my natuall ife; together wth all my effects goods and
chattles movable and ummoveable whatsoever unto my sd
son Hen Corrin his heyres excrs admrs or assignes for ever
as afforesd he the sd Hen Corron my son yielding and
paying unto our Honable Lord all rents fines dues duties
suits & services due & payable out of the premises, or amy
part thereof as the same shall become due, the sd Henry
Corrin my son allowing me sufficient meat drink washing lodging &
apparrell wth the proviledge of my man during my natural
life provided nevertheless and so it is to be understood
that if it should please God to call for my son Hen before
me and his exrs not perform the contents of this deed, that
then all my said lans houses gardns & effects are to
returne unto me and am to repossess the same during
my natural life, and afterwards to return to the issue of
my said son Hen Corrin for ever according to the true int[ent]
and meaning of these presents and for the better
understanding hereof, I have at this present []
my sd son of the premises and every part thereof by
delivering him a piece of silver call an engliush shilling
passable with us for 14d thereby ratifying & confirming []
and every part & parts thing & things thats requisite and
necessary according to the lawes & constitution of this Isle
for performance hereof I bind myself heures excrs admrs
& assigns in the penalty of sixty pounds sterl in the
nature of all fines as witness my hand & seale 6
Jany 1712 Hen Corrin his mrk
sealed signed and delivered
with a piece of money of
14d value given in presence
of us
Thomas Tubman
John Hartley
Tho Kewin his mk
12 Feb 1712
The above Hen Corrin senr hath ackowledged the fbeforegoing
deed of gift to be his voluntary act & deed before me
Jon Parr
At a sheading court holden at Castle
Rushen the 3rd June 1713
The within deed of gift being acknowledged before the Deemster and
now published in open court and no objection made agt it []
the same or allowed of and confirmed according to law
Dan Mcylrea
Jon Parr
J Rowe
Wm Sedden

21 Sept 1713 vera copia
for JRowe Compter ?
To the Worpll Deputy Gover of this Isle John Rowe & Wm Sedden
The humble petition of Henry Corrin
That your supplicant being a desolate
widower and visiting his only son
(dwelling at Castletown) he was
entertained with hard drinking all that
day & part of the night, when in great disorder he was
unhappily drawne to settle all his lands & goods whatsoever
upon his sd son by a written contract, & (as your petr maty
reasonably suppose) his sd son was to remove from
Castletown and dwell in yor petrs house, & there yor petr
to be maintained & provided for with all necessaryes becoming
his age & circumstances during his natual life : being
afterwards made sensible of what was done in his drink as
afforesd he was much troubled, yet considering ye conveyance
was made to his only son whome he ever held most deare
he was somewhat satisfyed & waited dayly for his
comeing as is above expressed. but not yet; above a fortnight
after, yor petr againe was at Mr Huddleston's house in
Castletown, & unfortunately in ale also (wch is yor petrs
great failing) & ye late deemster in ye house, his sd son
came in upon a sudden & gave ye contract to ye Deemster
who asked your petr whether he owned, & seems your petr
answered he did (tho he can safely sweare that he did 
not know or understand, nor doth yet, all ye contents
thereof) upon wch cognizance was taken thereof However
from that time until in May following, he waited his son
comming to performe wth him but out of any hope
he thought ye contract was hold voy'd & his disconsolate
life made him resolve upon marriage, upon report
of wch his son & family came & entred upon []
premises yor petr not at home, at his return
finding things so, he laid aside his thoughts of
marriage & waited his sons behaviour & way of
entertaining him but contrary to his expectation he
was soon used worse than ever he himself had used a s[]
vizt with thin gruel twice a day & otherwise in m[any]
respects whereby hr could guess at his future inif[]
if he depended upon his sons curtessye whose wife
already did oft object to mim his eating & calling h[im]
great bellyed fellow & a runnagate beggar ver[y]
oft. This made him take up his former resolu[tion]
& marryed indeed but brought not his wife home
yet as oft as he had occasion to come to his house
was most unsufferrably abused by his sd sons wife
& threatened by himself contrary to his filial duty
Now lately he has removed againe to Castletown []
hath not left yor petr so much as his bed cloaths
or winding sheet, & now hath sent ye coronr wt[]
arreast upon yor petr that he shall not meddl[e]
with or use any of ye mulcture of yor petrs Miln
crops of corne, nor any of his own goods moveable
or immoveable whatsoever yor poor petr knowes
not how to subsist unless he goe a begging from door
to door

In this condition he most humbly throws him
[line lost in fold] & begg[]
a hearing of this deplorable case may be granted
your []y he hopes yor Honr & the Honable court
will find way for his relief especially since his
undutifull son hath for[] him in his promisd
[worn text] upon bended knees

At a Chancery Court holden at
Castle Rushen ye 5th Novr 1713
The matter contained in this peticon being
heard in open court it appears that the ptr
Hen Corrin did settle upon his son the
within landes & milne by a deed of gift
legally executed & confirmed in consideration of which his
sd son was to allow him meat, drink,washing lodging
& apparrel with the privilidge of a Maire ? dureing
this life And the father being lately marryed by wch
meanes they cannot agree to live together. Therefore
the son in consideration of the fathers maintenance has
in open court professed to allow him half ye profitts
of ye houses gardens milne lands dureing his life reserving
ye other half to himself wch this court doth looke
upon to be reasonable & doth order ye same to be
observed they paying ye Lords rent & other services
equally betwixt them
J Rowe
Wm Sedden
6 Nov 1713  vera copia
for J Rowe compter

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so not sure of burial date



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