Archideaconal Will 1720 #13a, Arbory, of Catherine Crellin (als Coonell)

From MM RB526 / LDS 0106211

This is number #13a - the other wills in Arbory are numbered 13, 14 & 16 and #15 appears to be unassigned.

The names Crelling is I assume Crellin.

13a Kk Arbory
Whereas Ann Coonel of Kk Arbory being antient and []
and not able to manage half a quarter of land, wch she &
her husband now holds, by paying the honourable Lord's rent 
and all other dues incumbent upon the same.
Be it therefore known unto all men by these presents
yt I Ann Coonell aforsd out of the affection & love I
bear unto my son Wm Calling, have given & passed over
and do hereby give, grant, bargaine and settle upon my
aforsd son Wm Calling my part of the crop now upon the
ground, wth all the rest of my effects of wh kindsoever after
my decease ^ except a sheep & a [] or half a crown to my son Jon Crelling ^
and the Wm Calling working & managing
my part of ye sd land aiding and assisting me ye sd Ann
Coonell in my wants & necesseties and if I survive my
husband yt[] [] is to maintain and look after me
during my naturall life as becomes And yr sd Wm
Calling is herby obliged to pay the Honourable Lord's rent
out of Ann Coonels half or part of the land whilst she lives
wth all other dues incumbent upon the premisses
& he to posses & enjoy ye same wth all its advantages
in as full & ample measure as Ann Coonell now 
doeth and for true and faithful performance of all
and singular the promises all paries have bound themselves
in the penalty and forfeiture of ten pounds sterlng payable
in the nature of all fines within this Isle as witness their
hands and marks this 24 August 1716
Ann Coonell my mark
Wm Calling my mark
Signed and delivered in presence of
Jon Cubbin my mark
Wm Christian
27 Aug 1716
yt subscribing parties have
acknolwedged the above agreemrnt before me
Dan Mylrea

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient thus burial date not confirmed



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