Episcopal Wills 1719 #1, Lezayre, of William Aldridge

At St Marys of Ballaugh, June 22th 1719

Paroch Lezayre 1719

Mr William Aldridge departed this life abt the
first of May last intestate, leaving 5 children,
William, Edward, John, Charles & Elizabeth
Aldridge, the 3 last named of whom being
underage & William the eldest son out of
the Island the wife & Edward have appeared,
& fearing the debts may surmount the inventory
the wife has surrendered her own
part of the goods & Edward on the pt of the decedt has
for himself and the rest of the children relinquished
the administration & therefore the same
is committed to the genl sumner, who is
hereby empowered to dispose of all the effects
to the best advantage, and to dispose of all the effects
to the best advantage & discharge all debts
(as far as the goods will extend) according to
law. Note the wife and Edward aforesaid
have obliged themselves to take all due care of
the minors, submitting to the discretion of the court
with respect to the disposal of the remainder of
the effects (if any such be) after the payment
of all just debts.

Decretum est & solvit

salvo tamen unicuique suo jure

1 June 1720

Captain Wood enters a claim against the administrators of Mr William Aldridge for £2 10s and craves the law.

The claimant owns himself indebted 14s on Mr Taaffs account.

Lezaire: Claims against the administrator of Mr Aldridge 1719

June 30th 1719 William Christian of KK Marown enters a claim against the administrator of Mr William Aldridge for three shillings due on account of some Scotch flannel sold to him and craves the law
    3s 0d proved
Eod die William Mcylchreest executor of James Cain enters for 11s due for some dyeing stuffs sold to him by the said Cain and craves the law
11s 0d proved
Eod die Captain James Christian enters for 2 deals for the decedents coffin 3s & 2 barrels of coals in his life time 5s
8s 0d acknowledged due
Eod die Mr William Fine enters for a guinea formerly lent £1 5s 1d & for wine & sack 1s 9d
£1 6s 10d proved
Eod die Mr John Christian of Douglas enters for £4 10s due upon balance
£4 10s 0d proved
Eod die Mr William Christian enters for
£1 1s 4d proved
Eod die John Saint enters for glazier’s work
3s 4d proved
Eod die John Cannel of KK Michael enters for carpenter’s work 25s of which received 2s 7½d remains £1 2s 4½d
£1 2s 4½d proved
Eod die Thomas Lewn of KK Conchan enters for a new bible with the Apocrypha promised him by the decedent on account of damage done him at the time of quarrying the miln stones
  Proved & 4s allowed to buy a bible
Eod die John Coltry enters for house rent etc due upon balance
£1 7s 8d
Eod die William Nelson enters for part of the price of a swine 9s 8d
6s 8d proved
Eod die Mr James Banks enters for 2 bowls & a firlet of meatcorn 17s 6d & for butter & cheese 13s 10d. Memo deductions made hereafter for work done 6s 10d remains
  £1 4s 6d proved
Eod die Mr Denn enters for £1 3s 4d for brandy delivered on his account to William Harrison
£1 3s 4d proved
Eod die John Bignall enters a claim against the administrator of Mr William Aldridge for £1 6s 7d & craves the law
  £1 6s 7d
Eod die Mr John Wattleworth enters for
£2 1s proved
Eod die Mr John Oates junior enters for 12 foot of tun timber 15s & a bowl of meat corn 10s of which received in work 4s 6d which deducted there remains £1 0s 6d due
  £1 0s 6d proved
Eod die William Kerruish enters for smith’s work as per bill upon balance of accounts
8s proved
Eod die John Cowl of Ramsey enters for 3 barrels of coals at 3s per 9s – after balancing -
7s proved
Eod die Mr Robert Curghy of KK Christ enters for miln rent as per articles 3 quarters £6 and the balance of another account 6s 2d
£6 6s 2d proved
Eod die Robert Waterson enters for
10s acknowledged due
Eod die Robert Curghy enters for miln rent for the first year £1 15s 0d & for his share of the cloth wrought while they held the mill in partnership £1 2s 10½d of which 4s 2d received on accounts then remains
    £2 13s 8½d proved
Eod die John Corris enters for malt money
13s acknowledged
Eod die Mr Thomas Corlet in behalf of his son Thomas for
5s acknowledged
Eod die Mr Corlet in his own behalf for 2 maze of fresh herrings 4s 2d & the carriage of them 18d
5s 8d acknowledged
Eod die James Cain enters for 15s due by an agreement annexed to his indenture & for shoes 7s
£1 2s 0d proved
Eod die Captain Nicholas senior of Ramsey enters for the price of a beef sold £2 5s 0d of which received in work 3s 4d then remains
£2 1s 8d proved
July 1 Captain Cornah enters in the Honourable Lord’s behalf for the price of 3 doz of puffins 3s & 11 lbs of cast brass @ 10d 9s 2d
12s 2d proved
July 3rd Mrs Black enters for shop goods as per book
£ 9s proved
Eod die William Harrison (Hill) enters for carriage of his goods from Douglas to Ramsey whereof unpaid
4s proved
July 9th Mr Richard Stevenson enters a claim against the administrator of Mr William Aldridge for
17s 6d proved
Eod die Thomas Callister enters for
3s 0d
Eod die Thomas Quine enters for
7s 0d
July 14th William Rushton enters for
7s 0d proved
October 20th Thomas Christian enters for
5s 0d
Eod die Mr Robert Moor enters for
12s 5d
Eod die David Christian enters for
£1 5s 7d
Eod die Mr William Oates enters for
£5 0s 0d
October 25th Mr William Christian of Jurby enters for the price of meatcorn
4s 6d
Eod die John Christian enters for the price of wheat? Received of it in work 2s 1d remains 1s 2d
1s 2d proved
November 18th Thomas Calley enters for work & ale 4s 7d & for making the decedent’s coffin 3s 6d of which received in work 2s remains
6s 1d proved
Eod die Thomas Kenion enters for 3s 2d
3s 2d proved
Eod die William Christian KK Bride enters for
4s 0d
May 14th 1720 Mr Nicholas Christian junior of Ramsey enters for 48s
£2 8s 0d
May 17th John Tear enters for
1s 2d

  KK Christ Lezaire June 2nd 1719 The goods of Mr William Aldridge deceased prized by four sworn men viz Thomas Garrett, John Cally, Thomas Cally & Phil Teare as follows Note: This is not a complete transcription


One old cow & a shiper
£3 0s 0d
One old horse
£1 10s 0d
All the gears belonging to the carpenters trade
£1 1s 7d
7 lbs & half of woollen yarn
3s 6d
46 lbs of lead
5s 9d
[£13 4s 4d]
Hot press? And what belongs to it
£8 0s 0d
One bible common prayer & testament
7s 0d
One little bull of a year old
10s 0d
[£22 2s 10d]
All the linen cloth produced
15s 0d
An old furnish & what belonged to it
£2 10s 0d
One piece of oak at Robert Curghey’s house
9s 0d
Another piece of 6 yards long
5s 0d
Some linen yarn being 5 lbs 2 ozs at 8d per
3s 8d
Flax in the miln at 3 farthings 114 lbs being
7s 1d
A watch before he died was given in pawn to Captain Christian junior by Mr Aldridge
[£9 4s 5d]
£44 11s 7d


Goods disposed of by Mrs Aldridge of the within inventory
before the administration was given up to me and in her hands as follows

A good part of the carpenter tools sold by her
5s 0d
Half a dozen plates
7s 0d
A dozen of glass bottles & some large bottles
3s 0d
28 lbs & half of lead weights for the shears
3s 6d
4 pair of cards?
1s 2d
A pair of stock cards almost worn
A dozen of handle stocks
2s 0d
His wearing clothes
10s 0d
Hats wig & shoes
3s 0d
All the linen in the house
15s 0d
3 old broken saddles
5s 0d
2 shear boards
5s 0d
2 sacks
2s 11d
A pillow & a pillow cloth
1s 8d
A pair of tongs
A pt
4s 0d
A bed for herself & another for her children & bed clothes
£2 4s 0d
1 broken wheel barrow disposed of by her not praised
1 tub, 1 can
1s 8d
7 lbs & half of woollen yarn
3s 6d
£5 11s 1d


July 3rd 1719

The goods of Mr William Aldridge was this day put to the cant and sold as follows:

Mr Bignall a warming pan
10s 6d
Mr Bignall a paper book
3s 5d
Mrs Bignall a bible
2s 8d
Mrs Bignall a chest of drawers
£1 2s 6d
James Dawson the hot press & all materials belonging unto it
£10 0s 10d
James Dawson the copper sold at £3 5s 0d but being found to be brass 7s 5d abated by the court
£3 0s 0d
Received form Mr Thomas Christian upon balance of accounts for the rent of Colltrey’s house in Douglas
£1 19s 6d
Sold to Edmund Corlett a pair of brass gudgons for the head stock of the miln
1s 6d
Received from several persons for dressing & milling cloth
13s 5d

Note: sales continue on July 10th & 21st


An account how the creditors of William Aldridge deceased are paid as appears by their claims proved

Mr John Christian of Douglas

£4 10s 0d

Mr William Christian of Douglas

£1 1s 4d

Mr Denn of Douglas

£1 3s 4d

William Christian of K.K. Marown

3s 0d

Mr Black of Ramsey

£1 9s 5d

Richard Stevenson of K.K. Christ Rushen

17s 6d

Mr James Banks of KK Conchan

£1 4s 6d

William Kerruish of Ramsey

8s 11d

John Cowle of Ramsey

7s 6d

William Mcylchrist of K.K. German

11s 0d

Mr Robert Moore of Douglas

12s 5d

John Corris of Ballaugh

13s 0d

Thomas Quine of K.K. Braddan

7s 0d

John Christian of Nellanbane

1s 2d

Thomas Cally of KK Christ Lezaire

6s 1d

Thomas Kennion

3s 0d

Robert Curghey junior of K.K. Christ Lezayre

£2 13s 8½d

William Nelson of KK Michael

9s 8d

John Cannell of K.K. Michael

£1 2s 4d

James Ratcliffe of Red Gap

£1 2s 0d

Robert Watterson of KK Braddan

10s 0d

Captain Nicholas Christian of Ramsey

£2 1s 8d

Mr William Oates of Douglas

£5 0s 0d

Thomas Callister

2s 1½d

Mr James Christian

8s 0d

Mr William Fine

£1 6s 10d

William Rushton

7s 0d

Mr James Cornah

12s 2d

John Saint

3s 4d

Ewan Curghey

1s 2d

Mr John Bignall

£1 6s 7d

Mr Robert Curghey senior

£6 6s 2d

Thomas Lewne Ballcrovik

4s 0d

Captain William Christian of Jurby

2s 5d

Thomas Corlett

5s 8d

Thomas Corlett his son

5s 0d

Court fees & register

3s 4d

Captain Wood of the Nunnery

£1 16s 0d


£40 8s 4d


The account of the sums abated by the creditors of William Aldridge deceased for the benefit of the widow & executors

Abated by

Mr John Christian

10s 0d

William Christian

3s 0d

Mr Denn

1s 6d

William Christian


Hugh Black

2s 11d

Richard Stevenson

2s 6d

James Banks

4s 6d

William Kerruish & John Cowle

1s 5d

William Mcylcreest

1s 0d

Mr Robert Moor

2s 0d

Thomas Quine

1s 0d

Thomas Calley


Robert Curghy

4s 8½d

William Nelson


In all

£1 15s 6½d

November 27th 1719

I do acknowledge to have received the above sum of £1 15s 6½d from the hands of the General Sumner

Sarah Aldridge before me William Walker

By Captain Nicholas Christian, Ramsey 1s 2d & By William Oates 5s = 6s 2d


At Bishop’s Court June 23rd 1720

Mr Thomas Curlet General sumner having this day produced all the annexed accounts relating to the administration of the effects of Mr William Aldridge deceased it appears to us as follows:

That the inventory as valued by 4 sworn men amounted in the whole to

£44 11s 7d

Out of which deducted for goods disposed of by the widow herself the value of which was not received by the General Sumner

£5 19s 1d

So remained in his hands goods valued to

£38 12s 6d

Which goods having been sold by him to the best advantage it appears (the sums received from Mr Thomas Christian, Mr Edmund Curlet and from several persons for dressing and milling cloth as also for the ring sold to Mr Black being included that the whole remainder with which he stood chargeable was




£52 0s 3d

Which is disposed of as follows


The several sums paid to the claimers as appear by the vouchers produced amount to

£40 8s 4d

Allowed the general sumner for his extraordinary trouble and pains taken in this affair, as is evident by the great advance on the goods

£2 0s 0d

The balance

£9 11s 11d


Memo the sum due to the court for their trouble is bestowed on the widow and orphans regard being had to their great poverty

By the account stated on the other side there remains now in the general sumner’s hands the sum of £9 11s 11d

Which nine pounds eleven shillings and eleven pence being by the law of this isle altogether at the disposal of the Ordinary for pious uses by reason the church has been burthened with the administration, the same however ordered to be paid to the widow for the use of herself and children (who are miserably poor) to enable them to return to their own country. And upon her receipt for the said sum the General Sumner has hereby his quietus est in the said affair.

Dat June 23th 1720 - Thomas Sodor & Man

July 9th 1720 - received the above sum of £9 11s 11d form the general sumner by me Sarah Aldridge in presence of William Walker

Mem the widow has received in all these sums & particulars:

First the above

£9 11s 11d

Item goods belonging to the inventory valued to about

£5 19s

Item 3 small rings & a mourning ring valued at

£1 10s

Also a silver cup & 2 spoons prised at 4s


Abated by the several creditors at the instance of V G Walker & paid by Mr Curlet to the said widow

£2 1s


£19 2s




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