Archideaconal Will 1719 #41 Bride, of Patrick Kneale

includes marriage contract of son John Kneale + Catherine Christian

Articles of marriage agreed and concluded upon by and betw[ixt]
Samuwell Christian & his wife Joney Cotter alias Christian
one yr own party & Patrick Kneail & his wife Margret
Cormode one ye other party; in the behalf of their children
William Kneail & Cattren Christian as followeth

First It is agreed upon yt the sd young copell William Kneaail
and Kathrin Christian shall enter into the holy estate of
matrimony God and holy church alowing the same

2ly It is agreed upon yt Patrick Kneail and his wife doe promise &
give unto the young copell now in present possession halfe of all
his lands quarter land or Intack with half of all his houses halfe
two cowes half of his horses only own colt excepted, half of his
croped ? with ye other half of the crop of corn & huspandy
geares and househuld stief after ye death of ye longer liver of ye said
Patrick and his wife

3ly It is agreed upon that I Samuel Christian & my wife Jony Cottier
doo promise and give with daughtr in portion the sume
of neen pouns to be paid in money or ^moneys^ worth within the
space of six or seven yeares with what sor she hath her self
and to this agreement both party have bound themselves either to the other
in the penalty of twenty poun sterling half to our honrable Lord
and ye other half to ye party grifed in testimony of all and present
of the witnesses we have caused this agreement to be writen
29th ? day of January 1698
Wittness             Samuell Christian his mrk
Jo: Christian X      Jony Cotter her mark
Jo: Caistell X       Patr: Kneail his mark
Jo: Cotter X         Margret Cormod her mark
                     Will Kneail his mark
                     Katrin Christian her mark

17 Jany 1706
The wittnesses to the above articles
of Marriage have deposed the same to
be the mutual agreement of the parties as sub=
cribed Before me
    Dan: Mylrea

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25th 9ber 1707
Wm Kneale doth acknowledge to
be fully satisfied & paid by his
father in law Sam: Xtian
the full sum of four pounds
sterlin of the wthin mention'd
portion Before me
Dan Mcylrea

May 18 1719
This contract being prov'd before the Deemster, it
is accepted for the last Will of Patrick Kneal, &
his only child Wm Kneal is decreed his admr
of all such g[] as are not disputed of in these
articles of marriage [] is shown to pay other
[] etc according to law reserving to the
widow her right in ye goods as within mentioned
Acceptum est & solvit  12d

Feb 22d 1719/20 The same contract is also accep
for ye last will of Margt Kneal
als Cormod, who died intestate &
her son Wm Kneal is sworn in
court in form of law
Acceptum est


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