Archdeacon Will 1717/8 #70, of Revd Henry Norris, Michael

, Vicar of KK Michael, of Largybreck: "Michael 1717: In the name of God, amen. I Henry Norris, Vicar of KK Michael, being sick and weak in body, but of sound and perfect memory (praise be therefore given to God) do make this my last will and testament in manner following.
First and principally, I commend my soul to Almighty God my Creator, assuredly believing that through the merits and passion of my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, I shall obtain the full and free remission of all my sins, and my body I commit to the earth, to be decently interred in KK Michael Church in my first wife’s grave. And as concerning my worldly estate, with which God has blessed me, I do dispose of the same by this my last will, as is hereafter expressed. I give and bequeath to the poor of KK Michael parish 2 bowls of barley, which the wardens are to see distributed, and one bowl of barley or of meal in like manner to the poor of KK Arbory.
Item, I bequeath to my dear and faithful wife all my rings, my riding horse, and a choice cow as legacy, desiring she may leave at her death the ring I usually wear to my son Henry.
Item, I settle and estate as an inheritance forever upon my son Henry my half of all my Estate of Largybreck, vizt., of houses and lands, as well quarter land as intack. And I do also leave the said Henry half the crop of corn, half the team of oxen, and half of all the husbandry gears, i.e., plow gears, parts, carrs, ladders, straddles, plows, harrows, pitchforks, spades, grapes, or any other instrument belonging to the working of the land.
Item, I leave him all my guns, a dozen of sheep and a dozen of lambs, that is to say, 6 ewe and 6 tup[?] lambs, with half a dozen of goats and the like number of kids. To my son Henry I do also leave the silver bowl bequeathed to him by his grandmother which bowl by the said grandmother’s will is to go as an heirloom, according to the usage of the Country. And I do hereby solemnly require and charge my son Henry aforesaid as he shall expect the blessing of God to behave himself with all becoming duty and tenderness to his mother and with brotherly affection and kindness to his sister Mary in hope and prospect of which behavior of his I earnestly desire my wife will by her last will or othr Deed of Settlement convey to my said son Henry the other half of the houses and lands of Largybreck (as I have done my moiety xxx the same) obliging him to pay xxx a reasonable consideration to her or her xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxds shall indexxxx xxxx xxxx children to inherit xxxx xxxx xxxx mortgage the said houses or lands, but (in case of faxxxx xxxx of my children) the same is hereby left and bequeathed to the Church of KK Michael as a glebe for ever, namely my half of the houses and lands of Largybreck, and my wife has given her free consent that in that case the other half is to go to the said pious and charitable use, unless it be by her disposed of (as before mentioned) for a certain consideration to my son Henry. And if the said whole Estate shall so descent to the Incumbent of KK Michael, he shall be obliged to pay yearly out of the same the sum of forty shillings into the hands of the Lord Bishop for the time being, or his order, to be laid out, by the advice and assistance of the said Vicar & Wardens towards buying books for and clothing such poor children as his xxx the Vicar and Wardens shall think if sufficient to clothe, with a shirt, shoes and stockings, coat, waistcoat & breeches two neckcloths & a little round cap like a bonnet with H.N. set on their backs. And these children are to be kept to school closely until they can read distinctly and are fit to go to a trade. And in consideration of the parish school Master’s care of them there is besides the above forty shillings for the sue of the children themselves, to be allowed of the Estate to the said School Master a cow’s grazing yearly and the hay of one daymoth of meadowing, provided always that if but one half of the premises descent to the Incumbent of KK Michael, he is not chargeable with more than one half of the encumbrances before mentioned.
Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my dear and loving wife and my daughter Mary my true and lawful Executrices of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever, revoking all other wills by me heretofore made. And ratifying this and none other as my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of January Anno Domini 1717.
Memo, before the signing of this will, I declare my son Henry in respect of the large legacies here left him, is to be fully paid and satisfied for what may be due to him by the death of his own mother, nor is he to call any goods his own either within or without, excepting the legacies now left him, and one ox, which is wholly his own. [signed, with seal] Henry Norris. Witnesses: Thomas Sodor & Man, William Walker, Thomas xxxx, Thomas xxxx. The executrices sworn in Court in form of Law. Pledges xxxxxx.

July the 29th 1718: We whose names are subscribed, Thomas Cannell the father, & Henry Norris the uncle of Christian Cannell Executrix of her mother Frances Cannell als Norris deceased, do hereby acknowledge to be fully paid and satisfied the sixteen pound seventeen shillings due from the late Mr. Henry Norris Vicar of KK Michael deceased, And we do hereby forever acquit and discharge the said Mr. Norris his Executors for the said sum and for all other accounts reckonings and demands by the said Frances Cannell’s contract or by the death of her mother, or upon any other account whatsoever due or owing to the said frances from her father aforesaid, as witness our subscriptions at Ballaugh the year and day above written. [signed] Tho Cannell, Henry Norris. In presence of, Wm Walker, Cha: Watleworth.

November the 7th 1718: Capt James Christian of Milntown enters a claim against the Executors of the Revd. Mr. Henry Norris for the sum of eleven shillings and eight pence, and craves the Law."




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