Archdeacon Will 1716/7 #79, Maughold, of Robert Callow, made about November 1716

[buried 8 Nov 1716, per Maughold Parish Register]:

"In the name of God, amen. January 1716 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Robert Callow being weak in body but of xxxxxx xxxxx my last will and testament revoking all other xx making xxx form following. Item, I commit my soul to God and body to Christian burial. Xxx after mentioned: Item, I leave to my son in law Will Corkel six shillings which he hath in his own hands. Item, I leave to my daughter Mary a bowl of malt as promised her by contract. Item, I leave to John Christian Dole a pair of stockings. And to Robert Callow Whitestart a pair of stockings and a second shirt. Item, I leave to Mr. James Knipe, Mr. Hugh Black, and John Woods a peckled heifer equally among them in recompence of what I owe them. Item, I leave to my two sons Will and John Callow twenty shillings apiece and a bowl of malt and a furlet of dried corn the poor to be disposed of as they think fit. Lastly, I constitute and appoint them my two sons vizt., Will and John Callow joint Executors of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable of what nature soever and my son Christopher in their absence to see me coffined and credibly interred as witness my subscription the day and year above said. [signed his mark RC] Robert Callow. Witnesses: James Knipes, John Woods. The Executors being out of the Island, their brother Christopher Callow is sworn in form of Law, & to give a true account to the Executors at their return. January 1st 1717/8: Mr. Thomas Bayley enters a claim in his and stepson’s behalf against the Executors of Robert Callow for the sum of eleven shillings and eight pence and crave the Law. Inventory of xxxxxx who died the sixth xxxxxxxx xxxxx made by four sworn men xxxxx xxxx, xxxx Callow, Will Stole and Will Corlet give xxx his eldest son Chirstopher Callow in absence and behalf of his two brothers John and Will now in Dublin as followeth: Four slings and 9 fathoms of nets 0 pounds 7 shillings 0 pence; Three pound of coarse linen yarns 0:1:4; Two pound of hemp 4 pence and 2/4 of flax 0:0:5; A gray blanket and a white and with a coverlet 0:7:6; An old feather bed, bolster and pillow 0:10:0; An old bedstead 1 shillings 6 pence and an old chair and quisian 1 shilling 8 pence, 0:3:2; 2 pair breeches 2 vests and 3 couts 0:7:0; A sack a bag and old canvas 0:3:0; 2 yards of dow cloth 1 shilling, two old shears 2 shillings 8 pence, 0:3:8; 2 old shirts 1 shilling 6 pence, and an old bands & kerchiefs, 0:2:6; 3 pair of old stockings half a pound sope old rugs 0:1:2; A little iron pot and a brass candlestick 0:4:0; A tub, 3 cans, a noggin, 2 old trenchers and a pewter dish with three xx cups 0:2:6; A pair of shoes and a pair of gamasias 0:1:6; An old rope 5 pence, three old books 2 shillings 0:2:5; x0 pieces of old earthen ware 1 shilling, 2 quarts of batter x pence, a quart of salt 2 pence, 0:1:10; An old chest and a large box and a stone mortar 0:4:0; An old crock with a few herring 0:0:10; A little bag with a quart of wheat xx 0:0:0x; 4 pieces of old timber, a board and old wheel 0:1:xx; A hat and 2 old wigs 0:1:xx; Six old bottles 0:0:xx; Two buoys, 2 bags, 2 poundrals, and a hand line 0:1:xx; Two xx knives, a hammer, old mails, mittens and old shelves 0:0:xx; Flax unwrought 0:0:xx; Two old barrels and a straw basket 0:0x: xx; xxxxx xxxxxx bt Xtian’s hands xx:xx:xx; xxxx xxxx a yearling xx:xx:xx; xxxx xxxxx hand xx:xx:xx; xxxx xxxx cow xx:xx:xx; A mare and foal 0:xx:xx; A peckled heifer half to Mr. Knipe, Hugh Black and John Woods valued to twenty four shillings; subtotal 3:12:xx; subtotal 3:10:xx; In alb 7:4:xx; Funeral expenses and Sumners fees to be deducted being 1:4:xx; Rest 6:2:xx." [A large chunk of the upper right corner is missing from the above will.]





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