Archideaconal Will 1717 #1 Lonan, of Michael Kewley

includes marriage contract of son John Kewley + Margaret Skillicorn

Articles of marriage Condesended unto, & agreed upon by 
and between Michell Kewley of Kk Lon wth ye Consent 
of his wife Ann Kewley als Clauge, in the behalf 
of their son John Kewley one the one party & widdow 
Skillicorne als Quilleash of the said parish []
behalf of her Daugter Margtt Skillicorne on thee 
other party as followeth

First it is agreed upon that ye sd young Copple 
John Kewley & Margtt Skillicorne shall enter 
into ye Holy Estate of Matrimony within a full 
month after the date hereof God & the Church
allowing the same

Secondly it is agreed upon, yt the sd Michel Kewley 
with the Consent of his wife Anne Kewley 
als Clauge, doth hereby give & settle upon their 
sd son & intended Daughter in Law: John Kewley
and Margtt Skillicorne; Half his Lands, ^Houses,^ Crop 
of Corne, Teame, Husbandry gears, & Half of all 
his Household goods, with a mare & fole im[]=
iately after their marraige: reserving to them[] 
ye other half of these particulars during their
natural lifes: & after the Decease of Either ye
Michall, or Anne, the moity of what is here[]
to fall due to ye sd young Couple, John K[ewley]
and Margrett Skillicorne. & the whole after []
decease of ym both
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Thirdly it is agreed upon that ye sd widdow Skillicorne 
mother to the sd Margtt Skillicorne doth give in con=
tract with her sd Daughter to ye sd John Kewley ye full 
and just sum of four pound lawfull money to be truly 
paid unto the sd young Couple within the space of two years
after their marriage including in this portion whatsoever is 
due to her by her father's death

fourthly it is agreed upon that ye sd young Copple John
Kewley & Margtt Skillicorne doe hereby bind themselves, 
to provide for the maintainance of ye sd Michel Kewley 
and Anne his wife: if by old age, or otherwise, they be reduced 
to such a condition, that their necessity, shall require it, 
provided they ye sd Michel & Anne deliver, & give up: ye above 
reserved half of ye Lands: unto ye sd young Copple 
having no incombrance upon it either by mortgage or other 

And for the performace of all & singular the with=
in and above mentioned articles & conditions all 
prties con=cerned doe bind themselves either to the other in 
the penalty & forfiture of Eight pound according to 
the Laws of this Isle as witness our hands & marks 
this 29th of May 1713
Signed & Delivered in presence
of us                       Michel Kewley his Mark X
                            Anne Kewley als Clauge her mk X
John Cowle my mrk X         Wid Skillicorne her mrk X
Phinloe Clauge my mrk X     John Kewley his mrk X
                            Margt Skillicorne her mrk

28th May 1714
Mich: Kewley hath acknowledged all ye [ with=]
in  Articles to be his Act & Deed, Likewise the [witnesses] 
have deposed ye same to be the mutuall [act
[page 3]
of the subscribing  parties. This Before me
Dan: Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden at
Duglas the 28th May 1714
The within Articles of marrige being acknow=
ledged before the Deemster and now published in open 
Court and noe objection made agt it therefore the same 
are allowed of and Confirmed according to Law
                   Alexr Horne
Dan Mylrea J Rowe
Wm Sedden

4 May 1717 vera copia
@ J Rowe comptr

May 20 1717
This is accepted for ye last will of Michael Kew=
ley & John his son is sworn in court in form
of law
acceptum est & solvit 10d


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