Archdeacon Will 1716/7 #39 of Frances Cannell als Norris, Michael,

,died 27 November 1716: "KK Michael: this is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Frances Cannel als Norris who departed this live the 27th day of November anno predicto, being of sound mind and memory. Imprimis, she commended her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, she left all her worldly substance of what nature soever to her only child Christin Cannel and ordered all her clothes, linen and woolen to be secured for her said child, excepting a face handkerchief and a choice white apron which she bequeathed to her mother in law. And in case her child aforesaid should die, she then left all her goods to her husband, only twenty shillings each to her brother Henry & sister Mary and the clothes mentioned before vizt., her linen and woolen to her sister Mary.

Witnesses: Margaret Tear, Joney Corlet.

The Uncle sworn supervisor with the father, and the goods in the father’s hands who has given pledges in form of Law Patrick Cannell & Thomas Cannell.

The goods in the father’s hands as aforesaid, which in gross amounts to 16 pounds 17 shillings 0 pence. Out of which to be deducted for funeral charges 2 pounds 11 shillings.

Court fees 0 pound 1 shilling 2 pence.

More added to the Inventory, the price of a sheep 0:2:0.
The clear Inventory is 14:6:10.

At a Consistory Court in KK Michael, the 28th of February 1716/7: There being a dispute in Court concerning the Marriage Contract of Thomas Cannell & Frances Norris of KK Michael, wherein the said Frances was to have in portion twenty pounds (her mother’s goods included) which twenty pounds is mentioned for her child Christian Cannell, deducting the value of a furnished feather bed, which reduces the said Inventory to sixteen pounds, odd money, as may more fully appear annexed to the said Frances Cannell als Norris’s will in the Archdeacon’s Registry; It is now agree betwixt the Revd. Mr. Norris father to the said Frances, & his son Henry Norris on the one part, and Thomas Cannell on the other, that if the child shall live to lawful years, she is to have the whole Inventory as it stands clear upon Record. Bur if she shall die under age, the said Inventory is to descend equally betwixt the said child’s father Thomas Cannell, & her next relations by the Mother’s side. In the meantime, half the said Inventory is to be lodged immediately in the said Thomas Cannell’s hands and the other half in the hands of Henry Norris the child’s uncle, and pledges to be given into the Records, and the child to be equally maintained by her father and uncle aforesaid. [signed] Henry Norris, Henry Norris junior, Thomas Cannell.

Pledges for Henry Norris are the Reverend Mr. Henry Allen of Lezaire & Daniel Callow of KK Maughold. For Thomas Cannell, Charles Kaighin & William Quayle of KK Michael.

At KK Michael February 26, 1729: The Revd. Mr. Allen & Daniel Callow desiring to be released of their obligation touching the goods of the within Christian Cannel in the hands of Mr. Henry Norris, he the said Mr. Norris has given in Thomas Cain & William Cain of KK Michael for new pledges, who are accordingly accepted by the Court, and the former pledges discharged. [signed] J. Woods Reg. Ep.

September 30th 1737: William Corlett & Christian Corlet als Cannel his wife do acknowledge to have received at and from the hands of Kath: Norris relict and supervisor of the children of Henry Norris, the sum of seven pounds three shillings and five pence, being the one half of the goods due to Christian aforesaid by the decease of her mother Frances Cannel als Norris and ledged in the hands of her uncle Henry Norris. Whereupon William Corlet and Christian his wife do hereby acquit Kath: norris aforesaid & the Executors of Henry Norris of the same forever.

March 9th 1740: William Corlet in behalf of himself and of his wife Christian Cannel acknowledges to have received from his father in law Thomas Cannell the sum of seven pounds three shillings & five pence, being the other amount of the Executorship due to his wife by the decease of her mother Frances Cannell als Norris, and does therefore acquit his said Father in Law of the same foever. Before me, Edward Moore, Registrar."




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