Archideaconal Will 1717 #2 Onchan, of Averick Quayle

includes marriage contract of John Fayle + daughter Jony Quayle

Articles of mariage agreed and concluded upon
betweene us both Tho: Faile in the behalfe of my son John
Faile and Will: Quayle with the consent of my wife []
Quayle in the behalfe our daughter Jony Quayle all
in the parish of KK Conaan [sic] to be maried shortly after
the date hereof God & the church permitting the same

I Tho: Faile doe grant & give unto my sd son John
Faile in contract or in portion all my right and title
in the craft known by the name monemolagh from me
my heirs excuto adminsistrator or assings for ever

2 I Will Quayle with the consent of my wife Everik
Quayle doe promis grant and give unto John Faile with
our daughter Jony in portion halfe of our cattell and
halfe of our horses but only the black hose excepted and
reserved to our self and the third part of our sheep and halfe
of our yearling and halfe of our household goods but
only one chist & what there is in & one [pot and one
spade & on turfe spade & a grdal and the other halfe
or the all our worldly goods after the death of the
longer liver of us William and Everik but only twenty
shilling to our dispossing and if the young copple will looke to
us in our ould age they are to have all but one shilling
to Finlo Farragh son to the sd Everik next that what
soever the sd Jony Quayle hath her self she hath
it out of the whole from us our heir executor admis=
[]r assgn and for the true and faithfull performance of all []
[]wee bind ourself in the penalty & forfeiture of ten pounds St[]
[]ing after the nature of all such wee have set our hand
[]nd mark this the 21 of April 1711   Tho Faile my X
wittness present                      Will Quayle my X
John Teare my X                       Evarik Quayle
[lost]neale my D           John Fail my X
                           Jony Quayle my X
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Douglas May 20th 1717
The within contract is accepted for ye last will
of Avarick Quayle als Curghey & half brother
Phinlo Fargher having given his consent
thereunto in court whereupon Jony Faile
her daughter is sworn in court in form of
Acceptum est & solvit 12d
pledges in form of law Phinlo Fargher

May ye 26th 1719
The within contract is also accepted for ye last will of ye
within Wm Quayle who departed this life about ye 9th of
March last & ye daughter Jony Fayle is sworn in form
of law
acceptum est & solvit 1s
pledges in form of law Wm Cashin Steneby


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