Archideaconal Will 1716 #16, Arbory, of Hugh Qualtrough

From MM RB526

attached to will (tba) is this petition from the wife
(summary - son William,dau wife of Rich Corrin,witnesses Henry Corrin & Ann Corrin (husb & wife) but collab by Ellin Dougherdy who said he had forgot to exclude children, Margt dau in Ireland )

To the Right Reverend Father in God Tho Ld
Bpp of Sodor & Man with the reverend Mr John
Curghey & Mr William Walker Vicars General
of this Isle
The humble peticon of Jane Qualtrough widow
Humbly showeth
That yor peticionr's daughter having lived with yr peticonr
and husband till she married, in wch time she
was actively buthenous to or peticnr but did also
defraud them of several of their goods, vizt of a parcell
of flax; of their bed cloathes and of a parcell of potatoes
and of three hundred of herrings wch were a great
undooing to yor poor petr in such a deplorable condition
as they stood in. Now she being married to a
contentious man puts yr poor petr who is upwards
of 80 [? 60 tho very like an 8] to the greatest trouble immaginable
who is left a poor destitute widow 
will have the little meal and butter they had
to live upon and their bed cloathes priced for goods
to them, wch is an extraordinary hardshp upon
yor poor petr especially since her poor father
whose goods they seek, was turned out of their
house in the coldest day in extream sickness,
when they found that he for their inhumaniness ?
had cut them of with sixpence legacy . tho they
themselves were the cause of bringing him to live
with them. Wherefore according to the meaning
and purport of his will she most humbly pray'd
that her sd daughter may be cut of with 6d and
that yor petr may be restored to what was purloyned
and she will pray.

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient thus burial date not confirmed



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