Archideaconal Will 1716 Bride #57, of Katherine Christian

From MM / LDS

[microfilm difficult to read - name implied from Burial Register]

Bride: This is affirmed to be the last will and testamt of xxxxxxxxxxxxx [Kathrine Christian]of ye parish of KK Bride who departed this live about ye 18 xxxx [Jan] 1716, bing in perfect mind and memory at the making of ye same.
First she committed her soule to God and body to Christian burial.
She left and bequeathed to her BROTHER CHARLES as much course linnin cloath as would be a shurt for him.
Itm, to JONY CHRISTIAN ALS CANNAN her best suit of linnin.
Itm, to MARG CAR-- her choice linnin sleeves and a striped apron.
Itm, to ISSABLE CHRISTIAN a silk hankerchieff.
Itm, to JONEY COWLE a pair of xxx and a stomager.
Itm, to MARGTT KAUGHIN a little close wearing pettycoate.
Itm, to MALLY QUAIN a quife pinner and necker-----.
Itm, to MARGT CHRISTIAN a sheep of two years old, and two little quiffes.
Itm, to KATH: JOUGHIN two little quiffes.
Itm to her SISTER JONEY CHRISTIAN a riding hudd and as much phledin cloath as would be a petty coate for her and halfe ye heckled flax and all the combed woole and halfe of all the rest of her shaped linnin clothes.
Itm, to her SISTER IN LAW MARGTT CHRISTIAN the other half of ye heckled flax and likewise ye other halfe of all her shaped linnins.
Itm, to her FATHER EWAN CHRISTIAN a black petty coate out of the whole goods and likewise she left to her BROTHER EWAN a silk handerchieff. Alsoe she declared that she gott a brown new petty coate from her said BROTHER EWAN in part of her mother's goods wch petty coat she left to her said BROTHER as she took it from him.
Lastly, she constituted nominated and appointed her FATHER EWAN CHRISTIAN, and her said BROTHER EWAN CHRISTIAN joint executrs of all ye rest of her goods & effects movable and unmovable whatsoever. She declar'd that there was 8d due to her CUSSIN JON: CHRISTIN from her and 2d to Mary Curlett and 1d to Isable Christian. Witnesses: William Christian, Jon: Kaughin, jurati.

The Execrs sworne in form of Law. Probatum est et solvit 1s. The Inventory is 0:x:x, besides what is in ye xxxxx of her mothers part of goods. Pledges xxxxxxxxxx [too dark to read]."

Katrine Christian bur Bride 18 Jan 1716/7 (smallpox)




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