Archdeacon Will 1714/5 #8, Castletown, Malew, of Mary Allen als [Mason], made March 1713/4, buried 25 Dec 1714:

"Castletown: The last will of Mary Allen made in March last one thousand seven hundred & thirteen, and was in sound memory, when she declared the same in manner following. Imprimis, she bequeathed to her son John a cupboard that was in the house, with six pence legacy to cut him of the rest of all the small things there was, saying he behaved himself unkind to her, not relieving her in her necessity. Item, she bequeathed all the rest of what effects there was to her daughter Margaret because of her infirmity. Witnesses: William Keveen, William Costean.

The Executrix sworn in Court in Law. Pledge, William Keveen."




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