Archdeacon Will 1715 #49, Maughold of Isabel Callow als Christian, wife of Edward Callow of Ramsey, died 15 February 1714/5:

"KK Maughold: The last will and testament of Isable Callow alias Christian wife to Edward Callow of Ramsey being in perfect sense and memory, committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial, who departed this life the fifteenth day of February anno 1714. She bequeathed to her husband her part of the big chest in legacy, and she bequeathed to her daughter Margaret her part of the cow which she had in her own keeping xxx her shared of what increase the same cow had, all in legacy. She left to her said daughter a red petticoat and a black petticoat in legacy also. She bequeathed her daughter Jony a blanket in legacy. She bequeathed to her granddaughter Margaret Callow a blanket in legacy. She bequeathed to her son John her half of the table and chairs with her part or share of the fir dailes that were in the house and a bedstead in legacy. She willed also the big stirk[?] or steer to pay or satisfy some thing what was due or owing to her daughter Jony. She bequeathed all her part or share of all the xxx horses and cattle which she and her husband had; to be equally between her son John & her daughter Ales [?Alice]. She left and bequeathed her daughter Ales her part or share of the piece of ground called Curraugh Rouse and if her said daughter Ales should die without issue then the said piece of ground or Curraugh shall return to her son John’s younger son. She bequeathed to the two witnesses six pence apiece legacy. Then she did appoint and ordain her daughter Ales to be sole Executrix of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: John Keermeen, Edmon Quark. The Executrix sworn in Court in form of Law. Pledges, the witnesses."




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