Archdeacon Will 1713/4 #58, Ramsey, Maughold, of John Christian, made 20 December 1713:

"In the name of God, amen. I John Christian being weak in body but of god and perfect memory do make this my last will and testament as followeth.
First, I commit my soul to God, and my body to Christian burial at the discretion of my honoured father.
I leave to the poor of the town and parish twenty shillings to be divided at the minister’s discretion.
I leave twenty shillings to my sister Elizabeth, five shillings to sister Cathrine, and one shilling to brother Edward.
I leave to Mary Corkill for the great care she took with me in the time of my sickness twenty shillings.
It is my will that brother Thomas be paid the twenty shillings I borrowed of him.
Lastly, I constitute and appoint my said father Nicholas Christian and brother Francis Christian joint Executors of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable as witness my subscription this twentieth day of December one thousand seven hundred and thirteen, 1713. [signed his mark] John Christian. Witnesses: Hugh Marteen, James Knipe.

Capt. Christian is sworn in Court in form of Law. Pledges, Mr. Knipe and William Qualtrough.

The perfect Inventory of John Christian brought in by Capt. Nicholas Christian senior of Ramsey amounts to the sum of 16 pounds 0 shilling 8 pence:
Whereof paid the within legacies 3:6:0; and to his brother Thomas 20 shillings Irish, makes in Manks value about 1:1:7;
for his funeral charges 03:8:5;
paid Mr. Knipe for tending and looking after him 13 weeks 1:0:0;
paid Mr. Murrey for liquor for him during his sickness 0:8:9;
paid Mr. Allen for his burying money 0:1:0; in money given him at severl times 10 shillings 4 pence, whereof in his pocket at his death 3 shillings 7 pence deducted 0:6:9;
paid Mr. Thomas Christian’s son of KK Marown for coming to see him 0:2:11;
paid for proving the will, and for the carriage of the liquor out of Douglas at twice 14 pence 0:2:4; subtotal: 9:11:9;
Remains clear = 6:3:11.
More added by Capt Christian, the deceased’s part of a cow and an ox 0:9:0;
his part of a quarter heifer in calf 0:4:3;
his part of a quarter of a steer 0:1:9;
his part of a quarter of a calf 0:0:9;
subtotal 0:15:9;
total remaining 6:19:8. Note that most of his clothes were given to the poor."




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