Episcopal Wills 1713-1 Arbory, of Thomas Clague

(from MM EW29 / LDS 0106367)

Kirk Arbory 1713
[note edge and lower rh corner of page eaten away by rodents]
This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to be the last [will]
and testament of Thomas Cloag who departed this life the 2d []
1713 being in good and perfect memory. First committe[d his soul]
unto God and his body to Christian buriall.
Item He left to his sister Ann Quiggin als Cloag his p[ortion ?]
of all the household goods wch was in her house left []
by his mother's decease wth all other things belonging to []
wthin the said house.
Item He left what other goods or effects he had abroad between
his said sister Ann and his sister catherine.
Item He left to his brother Wm Cloag fifteen shillings wch was
in his own hands, wth all his wearing cloaths, he paying unto
Margery Comish his neice five shillings out of the same.
Item he declared that there was eight shillings eight pence
due to him from Capt Norris wch he desired to be expebded
upon his funeral.
Item he declared that there was ten shillings due to him
from Mr Edmonds of Kk Conchan for wages, and if they
would pay eight shillings thereof wthout any trouble the []
remainder should be remitted.
Item he declared there was due to him from James [Banks ?]
a coat that was promised him by way of bounty []
time he serv'd him; and that there was due []
from one Crow servt to the said Banks []
All wch will he declared before us, []
executor of the []
Wm Keig my mark
Ann Cloag my mk

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so not sure of burial date




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