Episcopal Wills 1713-3 Rushen, of Deemster John Parr

(from MM EW29 / LDS 0106367)

Kk Arbory
In the name of God Amen. I John Parr of Kk Arbory
one of the Deemsters of this Isle, being at this present time in good health 
and of good and perfect mind and memory, praised be God for the same
and considering the uncertainty of this mortall life and being willing &
desireous to settle that small estate wch God almighty hath out of his
great mercy been pleased to bless me with, before I depart out of this
miserable and uncertaine world; doe make and ordain this my last
will and testament in manner and form following
First I comit my Soule into the hands of almighty God my creator and to his blessed
Son Christ Jesus my blessed redeemer and to the Holy Ghost who hath sanctified
me trusting for a free pardon and full remission of all my sins
and my body to be buryed within the church of Kk Arbory afforesd amongst
my relations there, in deceant manner at the discretion of my Excrs hereafter
mention'd. Itm I give and bequeath unto the poor of the said parish
ten shillings to be distributed among them by my exectx at her discretion
Itm I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Parr now of the Citty of
London all my sevll estates of lands and houses as is already setled upon
him by a late deed of settlement made betwixt my selfe and wife bearing by
date the 15th day of June last,according to the purport of the said deed
together with my signet ring and all bedsteads tables and dresser wch
shall be and remaine in the house after my wife's decease wth the clock
and case now standing in the parlour.
I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Parr the benefit and 
advantage of the said deed of settlement as far as is therein mentioned
and reserved for him; together with all my books and ten pounds
legacy to be given and paid him by my executx either in goods or
money as my wife (who is to be my exectx can best spare and he to
receive the same,as she can be able to pay him without doeing any
prejudice to her circumstances
Itm I give and bequeath unto my daughter Dulcibella Parr the houses
and garden in Castletown of two shillings and a penny rent wch I had
by my wife, to wch I desire she may give her consent. together wth
a furnished feather bed, and in case my said daughter Dulcibella
die without lawfull issue then and in that case the said house is to come
to my said son Ro Parr. provided always that my said daughter
Dulcibella Parr doe marry with the consent and approbation
of her mother; otherwise she is to be deprived wholy of the said
house and garden and her bro Robt Parr to enjoy the same as afsd.
Itm I give and bequeath unto my daughter Frances Parr one cow
to be given out upon the increase for her advantage ; and that
she have her maintenance in the estate according as is provided
for her in the said deed of settlemt
Itm Whereas my two daughters by my former wife vizt Ann Bridson and
Isable Norris haveing their portions already given them I doe
now only give each of them five shillings a piece to cut and debar
them from making any further claim or demand to any part 
of my estate upon any pretence whatsoever.
Itm I give and bequeath to my two granddaughters vi [unreadable] Ann Bridson
a yearling calfe a piece to be given out upon increase for their best
advantage by some of their friends, who will take care of them. And
to my grandson Jon Bridson five shillings to buy him bookes.
And lastly I make nominate ordain and appoint my dear and loving
wife Jane Parr my true and lawfull extrx of all the rest of my
goods moveable and unmovable whatsoever, and doe desire that
what goods she hath remaining after her death may be given and
bequeathed unto the children begotten betwixt us, in such manner as
she shall think most fitting and she shall find them both deserving
not excluding her from giving such legacyes to any other of her
relations as she finds convenient and proper. And to witness this 
to be my last will and testament I have hereunto put my hand and
seale the eighteenth day of July in the year of our Lord 1709
Jon Parr

[nb no witnesses ! - hence court decree ]

At a court in Castletown Feb 4 1713
It is certain & undoubted that this is
the handwriting of Mr Deemster Parr
& subscribed by him : not only so
but it appears that his two daughters
by his first wife viz Anne & Isabel
Parr are paid what was due by their
mother's decease, as also what was 
promised in marriage dowry. And 
his son Mr Robt Parr & daughter
Dulcibella Parr being before the court
have given their full assent & consent
to this will, & are intirely satisfied with
it. Moreover the extx has obliged
herself to perform punctually what is
therein required & desired of her in every
particular mentioned in the said will,
whereupon the same is proved according
to the practice of this court in such cases
The excx is sworn in court in form of law
cum consensu partium, ut supra [with agreement of above parties]
probatum est & solvit 1s
The excx has now paid the legacy of 5s to Mrs Bridson
& 5s to Mrs Norris
Pledges to secure the office, & pay all
debts are Capt Tho Christian of
Jurby, & Daniel Callister of Kk
Christ Rushin

Feb 15 1713 Capt Quilliam of Kk Marown enters
against the Exrx of Mr Deemster Parr for 1 5 0
& craves the law
April 14 1714 Capt Richd Thompson enters for 10s 2d ..
April 17 1714 Henry Corrin of Colby enters for 6 10s 0
June 5 1714 Alice Qualtrough enters for 6s 7d ..
June 7 1714 Capt Jo: Oates enters for 4s 9d
July 5 1714 Charles Cowle of Peeltown enters for 12s due to Oates Clucas & assigned to the claimr when he was moar
July 16 1714 Capt Stevenson of Scaldeby enters for 15s 6d due for a bowl of barley & a firlet of Malt
July 19 1714 John Hinley enters for 1 5 0
Aug 16 1714 Mrs Dorothy Norris enters for the
sum of 18 English value, whereof the claimt
rec only 12 in clipt money; by wch she sustained great loss
Eod die Mrs Eliz Barry enters for 40s & 18s; for a barrell of March Beer, with the cask, 2s
Oct 18 1714 Mr Pat Fitzsimmons enters for 1 16 0
Nov 3 1714 James Waterson enters for a firlet of Barley
Eod die Mr Robt Maddrell enters for 10s 9d
Nov 4 1714 Mr Solomon Mercer for []

There having been an unhappy misunderstanding 
betwixt Mr Deemster Parr, & Mr Henry
Norris of Kk Arbory concerning a marriage dowry
claimed by the said Mr Norris in right of his
wife Mrs Isabel Parr. The same (by the
voluntary consent of both paties) is adjusted by
the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of this Island
as follows:  The said Mr Deemster Parr
does oblige himself to pay upon demand five pounds
sterl wch Mr Norris is indebted to Capt Woods
three pounds into the excheqr for the remainder
of Mr Norris's fine & forty shills to the said
Mr Norris or his assignes within two years after
the date hereof. With wch sums (and what is 
already paid on the above acct) he the sd Mr
Norris is fully satisfied, & upon the payment of
them does hereby acquit & discharge his sd father
in law his heirs, exrs,admrs & assigns for ever.
And to this both parties have mutually agreed &
obliged themselves & the sd Mr Norris does further
promise & oblige himself to behave himself as becomes
a dutiful son to his sd father & mother in law, a loving
husband to his wife, & a respectable relation to the
rest of his friends. And all this in the prsence of the
gentleman who are witnesses to this agreemt
Jo Parr
Hen Parr
Dat June 6th 1706 In prsence of us Robt Mawdsley [Governor] Tho Sodor & Man [Bishop] Chris Parker Sam Watleworth [Archdeacon] J Woods Wm Sedden Charles Watleworth --- Be it known unto all men by these presents, that I John Parr of Kk Arbory Deemster, doe hereby oblige myselfe to pay and satifie unto my daughter Ann : Parr the sum of ten pounds ster towards her dowry or portion, to be paid and satisfied unto her when she hath occasion to demand the same. To which payment well and truly to be paid, I bind my selfe my heyrs Exrs Amrs and Assignes, in the penalty and forfeiture of double the value. As wittness my hand and Seale the 8th day of Decembr Ano Domi 1699 Sealed signd and deliverd in prsents of Tho Huddleston Dan Mcylrea John Harrison

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so not sure of burial date.

First wife Isable Tyldesley (dau of Richard Tyldesley, comptroller, & Issable Norris) - will 1682 (in Arbory), he was born 1651, she probably c.1652 and probably married c. 1676.



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