Archdeacon Will 1711 #60, Ramsey, Maughold, of Elizabeth Christian als Christian als Allen made December 1707, proved November 1710:

"Ramsey: The underwritten will was made according to best memory in December 1707. In the name of God, amen. I Elizabeth Christian als Allen being of perfect memory praised be God do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. Imprimis, I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Maker, hoping that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only Saviour & Redeemer to receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and my body to be buried in the chancel of KK Maughold Church. And for my worldly goods I leave and bequeath them as follows. I leave and bequeath to my daughters Catherine & Elizabeth one feather bed apiece with a bolster, one fledge, one blanket and two fine sheets to each bed. Item, to them my said daughters all my brewing vessels, viz., the barrels, firkins, the kleaw, all the tubs and brewing pans equally betwixt them both. Also one large brass candlestick, two choice pewter dishes, one brass pan with a handle fixed to it, the two wheels, two choice table cloths, two dozen of best napkin, all my wearing apparel of linen and woolen, with my two gold rings, the less one to Catherine and the largest to Elizabeth. Item, to my son Thomas a furnished feather bed as is before mentioned to my daughters. Item, to my sister Catherine half a steer at Robert Callow’s, my green apron, and best pair of shoes. Item, to my son Francis a feather bed and bolster with equal furniture of bedclothes as the rest are to have. Item, I leave and bequeath to my son Edward by the joint consent of my new husband all the houses and lands which was in the holding and occupation of my former husband and myself (yet remaining) with all the goods and chattels, money and gold which are in the said houses and in my son Edward’s custody over and above what I have already conferred and settled on my other children, being separate and distinct from my new husband’s effects. And do hereby oblige my said son for and in consideration of the above bequest to give to my two sons by Capt. Christian, viz., Francis & John eighteen pounds sterling apiece and twenty shillings to the poor of KK Maughold. And over and above all this, that he wholly remit and forever quit claim to the nine pounds awarded him by the arbiterment of Mr. John Curghy & Mr. Ewan Christian. And that it be also in full of each amounts, debts, recompence, controversies or demands whatsoever, that he either could claim, or he might challenge from me or my Executor. And lastly, I constituted and appoint my well beloved husband Capt. Nicholas Christian my whole and sole Executor of this my last will, by whose approbation and allowance I have thus settled all my worldly concerns. And in testimony of our joint concurrency hereunto we have subscribed our names. [signed] Nich: Christian, [signed her mark] Elizabeth Christian. Witnesses: Thomas Allen, Robert Christian. Ramsey May 10th 1709: In regard that the above Testatrix is at xxx, ofen to xxx each[?] desenderd and incapable to add to or diminish from the above will, and that if either or both of the witnesses should depart of this life before the Testatrix, then unnecessary quaxxxxx and difference might arise contrary to the design and intent of the Testatrix, to present the said differences or debates which might thereby happen the witnesses be the said will have this day taken the voluntary oath that the within writing was then the act and deed of the Testatrix when she declared the same subscribing in their presence with her husband Nich. Xtian, with full intent to give satisfaction on all parties concerned thexxxx, and this before me Sam Watleworth, Arch. Reg. At Ramsey November 1710, Capt. Nich: Xtian the Executor is sworn in Court in form of Law. Inventory and pledges next Court. December the 14, 1710: We the Witnesses to Elizabeth Christian’s will late of Ramsey being charged to explain some part thereof that seems (in some men’s opinions) to admit of a double conprution[?]. To satisfy all whom it may concern as well as to discharge a good conscience in evideringe[?] truth. We do declare and affirm by virtue of the oath we have already taken that the said Elizabeth did in our hearing leave and bequeath her son Edward all her goods and chattels of what kind or denomination soever that was separated and distinct from her husband Capt. Christian’s goods and effect; her money, gold and all debts due to her: yea all her substance except the legacies mentioned in her said will. And in consideration of this bequest obliged him to pay to his brothers Francis and John Christian eighteen pounds apiece, twenty shillings to the poor, and wholly to remit, and give claim to the nine pounds awarded him by the arbiterment of the Reverend Mr. John Curghy & Mr. Ewan Christian. This is truth as witness our subscription [signed] Thom: Allen, Robert Christian. At KK Andreas, March 8, 1710/11: Whereas there is a differenct betwixt Capt. Christian & Edward Christian of Ramsey, touching the goods & effects of Eliz: Christian als Allen; and the funeral charges are as yet behind and not paid in a great measure, besides other damages and inconveniences that may ensue: It is therefore hereby ordered that the said Capt. Nicholas Christian do bring a perfect Inventory of all the goods, money and effects & credits &c., belonging to his wife within a week, and call all persons whatever upon oath to deliver & give an account of what goods &c., are due to her; xxx xxx have &c., and all was unto him, which if they or any of them refuse to do, the Sumner or Soler.[?solicitor] is to consign them into St. German’s Prison, there to remain till they submit to Law and pay all fees. [signed] Sam: Wattleworth Archd., Robert Parr. The funeral charges are to be paid out of her effects by the said Capt. Nich: Christian forthwith. I do acknowledge to have received by virtue of the Rev. Mr. Archdeacons and Mr Parr’s order from Mr. James Knipe of Ramsey 8 pounds 1 shilling 5 pence in new money, 1 pound 17 shillings 3 pence old money and four brode[broke?] pieces of gold which was given him to keep by my wife for the use of his son Edward, and say received the above sum this 11th March 1710/11. [signed] Nich Christian. March 13th 1710/11: The received by virtue of the Revd. Archdeacon’s and Mr. Parr’s orders from Mr. Samuel Allen six pieces of gold, viz. two Jacobus’s, three Carrolous’s & a halfe which was given him to keep for the use of Edward Christian by Elizabeth Christian als Allen to pay of same legacies or incumbrances left upon her said son to pay by her last will. I say received by [signed] Nich Chirstian. Witness: James Knipes. The Inventory of the goods of Elizabeth Christian alias Allen taken the 24th of March 1710/11 and praised by 4 sworn men as followeth, viz., James Christian, Patt: Quay, Phil Kxxxx, and Edmund Martin. Imprimis one barrel & one old hogshead 0 pounds 6 shillings xx pence; Item, to furrums 0:2:2; Item 2 pair of curtains and vallians 0:2:0; Item 2 hogsheads & an old oak chest 0:3:4; Item 2 pair of old sheets 0:4:9; Item on table cloath 0:1:4; Item one pillow case 0:0:8; Item on dozen of napkins 0:1:8; Item 2 blankets 0:3:4; Item one coverlaid 0:2:0; Item 3 pound of flax 0:1:3; Item 22 pound of pewter 0:12:10; Item one brass pan 0:1:10; Item 4 pound 3/4 xx of pewter & 3 porringers 0:3:0; Item 6 pewter spoons 0:1:0; Item 2 old barrels 0:1:10; Item 2 bucket stools & a quart can 0:1:6; Item one old tub 0:0:5; Item one old pot 0:1:0; Item 9-3/4 yard sarge[serge] left unpraised being in strife twixt the sisters; Item 2 bedsteads 0:4:0; Item 2 oaken chests 0:12:1; Item one old chair 0:0:9; Item 2 old hogsheads and a parcel of loose boards 0:2:xx; Item 6 old blankets & 2 coverlaids & 3 sheets 0:9:xx; Item 3 napkins, one table cloath & one pillow case 0:0:xx; Item a brass candlestick, a pewter dish, a chamber pot, & a peiud:[?] great 0:xx:xx; Item one basin 0:xx:xx; Item an old lock & a frying pan 0:xx:xx; Item a pair of ouncels 0:1:xx; Item one bucket stool, on great can, one chest, one dish 0:1:xx; Item an old pair of trippets xx:xx:xx; Item, one morter & pestal xx:xx:xx; Item a looking glass & an old smoothing iron, & a heater xx:xx:xx; Item one chest xx:xx:xx; Item earthenware, a whole piece and a half piece xx:xx:xx; Item two cows xx:xx:xx; Item 7 tubs of French & white salt xx:xx:xx; Item 22 1/2 pounds of wool xx:xx:xx; Item xxx and frame xx:xx:xx; [next page] Item one chest board 0:3:xx; Item 5 barrel staves aparxxxx 0:0:xx; Item xxxx a half of salt 0:6:xx; Item xxx old daile board 0:0:xx; Item the whole of Ceney’s Meadow 16:10:0; Item one feather bed weighing 52 1/2 pounds 0:6:0; Item the sheep and yearlings at 1 shilling 6 pence apiece; subtotal [this page] 17:3:11; From the other side 7:9:1. In Sam: Allen’s hands six pieces of gold, whereof five are Jacobuses valued at 28 shillings apiece now in Capt. Christian’s hands 2:16:0; Three Caroluses and half at 26 shillings per Carolus 4:11:0; In My James Knipe’s hands in milled money but now received by Capt. Christian 8:0:0; In old money according to their number 0:17:3; Besides more money which came to 0:1:5; More in his hands three Carolus at 6 shillings each 0:18:0; Item due from several persons to the decedent as appears by a bill of particulars 8:5:4; In Ann Teare’s hands the profits of a meadow which William Cotter had for two years 0:7:0; In Capt. Christian senior’s hands for the profits of the said Meadow one year 0:3:8; In Elizabeth the decedent’s daughter’s hands an old silver xxx; In Robert Christian’s hands in money lent xxx 0:7:6; Note there are some silver spoons in the hands of Edward Christian for which he is to be accountable; More some houses unprized which are in difference; Mor a steer sold by Frank Christian her son for which he is to be accountable; Another cow sold by Capt Christian for which he is also to be accountable. Funeral expenses to be deducted which amount by Capt. Christian’s bill of particulars to 7:17:xx. April 20, 1713, This is paid and allowed before me, Sam Watleworth. At a Court held in KK Michael’s April the 19th 1711: The difference betwixt Capt Nicholas Christian & Edward Christian being heard this day in Court, and it being proposed whether the said Edward would hand to and accept the will of his mother he has consented to accept thereof, whereupon it is ordered that Capt Christian shall forthwith deliver and expend[?] to him the said Edward all the effects xxx that are xx his hands according to the within and above Inventory, which Capt Christian xxx for the debts and all matters relating to the said will xxxx xxxx xxxx of the Rt. Revd Lord Bishop save only that the said Edward is to pay unto Capt. Christian two pounds of the legacy left them by their mother xxx pounds apiece at present if lawfully demanded, and the remainder when the sums shall be ordered and this to cancel the present differences till his Lordship returned, and the said Edward is hereby empowered to call for and receive all the legacies and debts which belonged or are due to his foresaid mother, otherwise such persons are to be committed by the Sumner or xxx into St. German’s Prison. [signed] Sam: Watleworth Archdeacon, Robert Parr, John Curghy. April 28, 1711, Memorandum: This day Capt. Christian & Edward Christian came by charge to the Records touching the paying of the monies in the Captain’s hands, and Edward Christian refused to accept the same in regard the xxx xxx makes stoppage for the funeral expenses which came to 1 pound 17 shillings 0 pence as within alleging that the same wixx all debts was suspended till our Lord Bishop’s relxxxx, and this before me Sam: Watleworth Archd. July 2nd, 1711: Capt. John Watleworth enters his claim against the Executor of Mr. Elizabeth Christian als Allen for the sum of five pounds due debt as will be made to appear and craveth trial. I do acknowledge to have received from my father Nich: Christian senior or Ramsey the sum of two pounds English value being part of the legacy left me by my mother’s decease, and do exonerate and discharge my said father for the above sum and all others that by law are obliged to pay me. I do also acknowledge to have received for the use of my brother John the sum of one pound English money being also part of the legacy due to him by his mother’s death, as witness my name this 27th of June 1711. [signed] Francis Christian. At a Court held at KK Christ Lezayre, September 27, 1711: Upon hearing of the difference betwixt Capt Christian senior & Edward Christian of Ramsey touching the debt due to the doctor and Anne Tear for tending of Elizabeth Christian during her sickness, And also touching the funeral expences; It is ordered that the said funeral expences shall be paid out of the decedents effects bequeathed to her said son Edward Christian, And the above said debts during her sickness to be paid equally by and betwixt the said Capt. Christian & the said Edward Christian. And this further ordered, That the said Capt. Christian shall forthwith deliver unto the said Edward Christian all the money, goods and effects in his custody xxxxx and mentioned in the will and Inventory of the said Elizabeth Christian als Allen; Otherwise to be committed into St German’s prison, there to remain till he submit to Law and pay all fees. [signed] Sam: Watleworth Archd., Robert Parr, John Curghy. November 13th 1711: Mr. Edward Christian of Ramsey enters his claim against the Executor of his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Christian for monies lent to her and expended on her account in the time of her sickness and for her funeral to the value of 6 pounds, and for diminution of the goods left him by his said mother in her last will to the value of 14 pounds or thereabouts and craveth trial. Ann Teare of Ramsey enters her claim against the Executor of Mrs. Elizabeth Christian for the sum of forty shillings due debt as will be made to appear, and craves the Law. I do acknowledge to have received at and from the hands of my father the sum of nine pound eight shillings in part of the money due to me by the death of my mother Elizabeth Christian. I say received by me this 11th of June 1712. [signed] Francis Christian. Witness present: John Wattleworth junior, John Christian. I do acknowledge that I have received 20 shillings of the within sum of my brother Francis Christian in part of my mother’s legacy as witness my hand this 6th November 1712 [signed] John Christian. Witness present Nich Christian. April 20, 1713:This day Mr. Edward Christian came to the Records, and upon stating of accounts with Capt Christian does acknowledge to have received from the said Captain the contents of his mother’s Inventory, excepting a bill of debts which amounts to 8 pounds 5 shillings 4 pence, yet in the hands of the debtors, and the monies now paid the said Capt. Christian’s two sons the part of their mother’s legacy to them, amounting to 12 pounds 18 shillings, as appears by their receipts; and thereupon the said Edward Christian does acquit and discharge the said Capt. Christian and his Executors of the said Inventory forever as witness his subscription the day and year above written. [signed] Edward Christian. Acknowledged by the said Edward before me, Sam: Watleworth, Archdeacon. I John Christian do hereby acknowledge to have received from my loving brother Edward Christian merchant the full and just sum of sixteen pound one shillings and eight pence being the latter part of my portion left by my Mother, for which sum and all other sums, accounts, reckonings, or demands whatsoever, belonging to me by the death of my mother Elisabeth Christian I do hereby acquit my said brother Edward his heirs, Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, from me, my heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns, as witness my subscription this twenty eight day of April one thousand seven hundred and thirteen: 1713. [signed] John Christian. Witnesses hereof: Nich: Christian, James Knipe senr. I John Christian being not able to travel desires that this my receipt may be recorded whenever brought to be so by my aforesaid brother Edward Christian and you will oblige your loving servant, [signed] John Christian. Witness hereof John Lace. I do acknowledge to have received from Edward Christian of Ramsey by virtue of the within Letter of Attorney the full and just sum of 6 pounds 5 shillings 4 pence for the use of my son Francis Christian being the latter part of his mother’s goods. I say received the above sum this 5th of September 1715 by me, [signed] Nich Christian. Tis further agreed on that the said Francis Christian shall be accountable to Edward Christian for a piece of gold and the price of a steer he received. 5th October 1715: Captn Nicholas Christian senior hath not only owned the above receipt, but also received the above same. Before me, Dan Mylrea Know all men by these presents that I Francis Christian now of Dublin, mariner, have for sundry good causes and considerations nominated, constituted and appointed and do by these presents nominate constitute and appoint an in my stead and place put my well beloved and honorable father Capt. Nicholas Christian of the town of Ramsey in the Isle of Man my true and lawful attorney, to ask, demand, levie, recover and receive for me and in my name and to my use and behoofe[beheese?] of my brother Edward Christian of the town of Ramsey aforesaid glover all such sum or sums of money which falls due to me by the death of my mother Elizabeth Christian as by her last will and testament xxx xxx at large appears, giving, and granting unto my said Father as Attorney in the premises my sole and full power to sue, accost, implead, and imprison the said Edward Christian his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns for the above said sum or sums as is specified by the said Will for me and in my name in any Court Spiritual or temporal before any judge or justice and the said Edward Christian, his heirs, executors &c, again our of prison, to deliver at his discretion, and upon the receipt of the above said sum as afore said or any part thereof one or more legal acquitance or acquitances discharge or discharges for me and in my name to make, sign, seal, and deliver. Also to execute, perform and finish all and singular thing and things which shall or may be necessary touching or concerning the premises as fully, thoroughly, & entirely as I the said Francis Christian in my own person might could do in or about the same. Ratifying, conferring and allowing what soever my said Father shall do or cause to be done in the premises. In witness hereof I the said Francis Christian have hereunto set my hand and seal the eight day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifteen 1715. [signed] Francis Christian. Witnesses: Samuel Barber, Edmund Kneen, Mary Casement alias Christian. 5th October 1715: Two of the witnesses of the Letter of Attorney, vizt., Edm: Kneen xxxx, have deposed the same to be the act and xxx if Francis Christian."




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