Archideaconal Will 1711 #19, Arbory, of Catherine Bridson

From MM RB525 / LDS 0106210

19 Kk Arbory
Articles of marriage aggreed consented and concluded upon betwixt
these parties following to wit Catharine Karran alias Shimmin in ye behalfe of
her daughter Margt Karran upon consent of one party
and William Cubon son to William Cubon in ballabegg in the parish
of Kk Arbory with the consent of his friends as followeth
It is aggreed and concluded upon that the foresaid William
Cubon and Margt Karran shall enter into the state of holy
matrimony betwixt the date of these presents and Lammas
day next ensuing, God and holy church allowing the same.
It is agreed and concluded upon that the said Katharin Karran
alias Shimmin does give and grant unto the young couple halfe of all
her goods moveable and immoveable upon the entry of their marriage
excepting the house in Kk Arbory parish moreover the said Katharin
Karran promises and grants a feather bed furnished and another feather bed
to her daughter Isabel with stead and standards always provided
that the young couple shall pay unto the sister Isabell halfe of
the fathers goods due to her by law and the mother to pay ten shillings
over and above the young couple out of her own love and affection
towards them. and Katharin Karran to keep one chest under her own command
whilst she lives and after her decease leaves [] half to the young  couple
and the other half to her daughter Isabell
Catharine Bradson ? (alias Quail) does consent and promise to pay being mother
to the young man eleven pounds of English money whensoever her som Wm
Cubon will be pleased to demand it after the day of their marriage besides
all the goods she has or may have moveable and immoveable after her decease
excepting twenty shillings in lieu of the said [] upon demand
after the entry of his marriage. To all and singular the promises
each party has bound themselves in the penalty of 24 pounds sterling
as to the nature of all fines as witness our hands and marks this 14th
of June 1702
By us Catharin Karran alias Shimmin her mark X
Catharine Bradson alias Quail her mark X
Willm Cubon jnr his mark
Margt Karran her mark X
signed in the presence of us and delivered before
Geo Harrison
Jon Quail
Wm Tyldesley
Jon Robisson
Rich Cluaig his mk X
William Cluaig blade X
William Cubon X
Sam Robinson
This contract being proved before the
Deemster ye same is accepted for ye will of
Cathrine Bridson als Quaile & Tho Martin
who married ye relict of Wm Cubon who
ye one half of ye sd Catherine's share of goods
being due to ye sd Cuben's child which goods ar[e]
to be xarouteried for ye sd child yt under age

Pledges in form of law Jo Hutchin & John Shimin

29 June 1705
Mr Sam Robinson Wm Tyldesley Jon Quayle Geo Harrison []
Cluage& Wm Cubbon being witnesses to the within co[ntract]
of marriage have deposed that the same was sig[ned]
and delivered by the parties thereunto in their presence
And Jon Quayle and Wm Cubbon further declare upon
oath, that it was agreed upon that the within Kat[]
Shimmin did give unto her daughter Margaret and Wm
Karran her goods equally betwixt them after her dec[ease]
although the same is not fully explained or set down
soe in the second article And all this before me
Jon Parr

June 3d 1712 Wm Cubon entera a claim 
against the exrs of his mother Cath Bridson
for 3 & craves the law

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient thus burial date not confirmed



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