Archdeacon Wills 1711 #2, Conchan, of Alice Banks als Moore als Wattleworth: KK Conchan 1711:

[decayed rh margin with some loss]

"In the name of God, amen. Forasmuch as I Alice Banks als Watleworth am in a weak and declining condition by xxx of old age and other infirmities, and calling to mind the xxx of human life, do therefore think fit and conscionable to make my last will and testament, whilst God is pleased to give me perfect mind and memory, in this manner and form following.

First, I commend my soul to the hands of Almighty God whole[?while] morey & pardon I humbly crave for all my many sins and transgressions through the merits of his dearly beloved son Jesus Christ. And when my Creator is pleased to take me home, I desire my Executors hereafter named to see me decently buried in the parish Church of KK Conchan, hoping for a joyful resurrection at the last and great day of Judgment.

As for the temporal goods wherewith God hath been pleased to bless me, I do dispose of them thus.

I leave to the poor of Duglass ten shillings. To the poor of KK Conchan a bowl of barley. To the poor of Peeltown xx shillings. I leave and bequeath to my daughter Margret Moore five pound. To my granddaughter Margret Christian five xxx which her father David Christian owes me. To my sister Margaret Christian als Watleworth in London forty shillings. To my daughter Barbary Christian my part of the big brewing pan. To my son Philip Moore the house commonly called Ratcliffe’s Cellar the sand side garden which is now in his own possession being reserved in the contract to my own disposal, he paying six p[ounds] to my daughter Isabel Gell als Moor in consideration thereof to whom I also leave and bequeath the small silver tankard with all the standing and other goods whatever that are in her dwelling house, shop &c now in Duglas, formerly belonging to xxxx my part of the overplus of twenty eight bxxxx pieces of gold, which were given in pledge of thirty pounds paid to my daughter Catherin Cooper in marriage dowry. To my grandson James Gell a choice young mare out of my part of the horses. To my grandson William Gell what sheep xxx in KK Lonan. To my son in law Mr. Gell twenty shillings.

I leave and bequeath to my husband James Banks my part of the crop, team, husbandry gears and riding horse with xx pound in the hands of Mr. Christian of League, and the xxx bowl; xxx my part of the bed and woolen bed clothes and six silver spoons, with a xxx piece of gold that is in my xxxx as well as in lieu and full satisfaction to him for what demands xxx and yearly rents he might or shall claim for my son Philip on the account of the houses, gardens and lands in and about Duglass and for what small gifts, presents and kindnesses I might or have given to my children, as also out of my xxxx xxxx towards my said husband, which if he refuses to accept on the consideration xxx of them, I do cut him off with twenty shillings legacy xxxx declaring and affirming that the four score xxx xxxx the contract bargain to my disposal as already paid xxx given to my children in the dowry presents and gifts I have formerly conferred upon them. I leave to my cousin Charles Watleworth ten shillings. To my granddaughter Alice Cooper four pounds which is in Mr. Gell’s hands, being part of the xxx of the house sold near the landside. To Christian Rafcliff who now lives with me an heifer of three or four years of age. To my daughter Cathrine all my wearing clothes linen and woolen.

Lastly, I constitute and appoint my son Philip Moor and my son in law William Cooper joint Executor of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable whatever.

In testimony whereof I have to my name affixed my seal this eight day of May one thousand severn hundred and eleven, vizt., 1711. [signed] Alice Banks als Watleworth. Witnesses: John Curghy, Charles Watleworth, Thomas Corkill.

The Executors sworn in Court in form of Law. November 3, 1712, Probatum est et Solvit 1 pence. The Inventory next Court. Pledges in form of Law, Mr. William Gell and Mr. John Curghy.

July the 27th, 1705: Then received at and from the hands of my father and mother in law James & Alice Bancks alias Watleworth the full and entire sum of thirty pounds current money upon the account of (as far as I know) what was or is due unto me upon the account of my wife Kathrine by the death of my father in law Philip Moor & our sister-in-law's decease xxxx .by me, [signed] William Cooper.

I do hereby acknowledge to have received from the hands of Mr. William Gell of KK Conchan the full and just sum of four pound which was left my daughter Alice as legacy by the death of her grandmother Alice Banks. I say received the full hereof by me this 25th of May 1713. [signed] William Cooper."




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