Archdeacon Wills 1709 #23, Malew, of Christopher Bridson of Ballavarvane, buried 5 March 1708/9:

"KK Malew: This is affirmed to be the last will of Christopher Bridson of Ballavarvain, who was buried the 5th of March 1708/9. First, he committed his soul to God, and body to Christian burial. Item, he bequeathed to his heir, whoever he be of his own children, his half of the crop, half of the team, and husbandry gears: to which his wife has given full consent, as also that her half of the crop, team and husbandry gears shall (after her decease) descend to any of her children that is heir, and after, to her grandchildren. Item, he left to his son Robert fourteen pounds, and whatever other goods were called the said Robert’s. Item, to his daughter Isabel the money which Robert Moor owed him, being about 22 shillings, and this with his wife’s consent. Item, to her a colt of 2 years old, and to her daughter Jane Oates, an heifer of 3 years old. Item, to his brother John Bridson he left his part of 17 shillings which he owed him. Item, to his sister Catherine his half of what money she owed him. Item, he left to his niece Marjery Clague a cow of his, in her custody, in lieu of 13 shillings or thereabouts he owed her of her mother’s goods. Item, to the poor a firlet or 3 half firlets of meal to be given them at Michaelmass or All Hallowtide. And lastly, he constituted his loving wife Jane Bridson als Brew sole Executrix of all the rest of his goods and chattels whatsoever. Witnesses: James Oates, xxxx.

The Executrix sworn in Court in form of Law.

At a Court held in Douglas, May 30, 1716: Robert Bridson came into Court, and does hereby acknowledge to have received the full sum of fourteen pounds from his mother the Executrix of his father Christopher Bridson, which was the Legacy left him by his last Will. And does forever acquit and discharge his father’s Executrix and all other persons concerned. As witness his name, [signed] Robt. Bridson. Before me, Cha: Wattleworth, Official & Regr. He died about 6 years ago in KK Malew."




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