Archdeacon Will 1708 #38, Lezayre, of Mr. Valentine Christian,

proved 18 Jun 1708, presumed died some time before


"18 June 1708, Lezayre: Mr. Valentine Christian being many years out of the Island, and not heard of for some considerable time past, (xxxxxx his mother Mrs. Dorothy Christian : this part has been crossed out), who has died intestate as ’tis alleged in court, Therefore his brothers & sisters living, vizt., Ewan, John, William, James, Margret, Anne & Isabel are decreed his true and joint Administrators of all his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever, three of the Administrators being absent, the other four vizt., William, Margaret, Anne & Isabel are sworn in Court in form of law. The Inventory included in the father’s mother’s wills, which amounts to 20 pounds 5 shillings 0 pence. The mother’s will being made in England and recorded there, it is ordered that the 20 pounds be paid according to the current of England; also the xxxx to be paid in Manks value; and come to 2 pounds 17 shillings 10 1/4 pence apiece. Pledges for William Christian, Edmond Corlet; for Anne & Isabel for the others, for Margret the Register, according to Law. July 10th 1708: This day Capt. William Christian, Mrs. Ann Garrett & Mrs. Issabell Linnekar came to the Records, and do acknowledge to have received from Mrs. Margret Christian their proportion of all the within Legacies bequeathed by Mr. Deemster Christian and his wife to their son Valentine Christian, and do hereby acquit and discharge her the said Mrs. Margaret Christian her Executors and Assigns forever, as witness their subscriptions the day and year above written. [signed] Will: Christian, Ann Garret, Isabel Linger. Before Me, Sam: Watleworth, Archdn. August the 1st, 1708: Dear Sister, I’m sorry to hear that you’re so unwilling to pay poor sister Linegar that share of Val’s portion which is due to her and me; pray therefore be pleased to pay her my share thereof & her receipt (or the xxxx) be yr. sufficient discharge to you from Your Loving Brother Ewan Christian. Mrs. Margrett Christian having the effects in her hands which belong to Mr. Ewan Christian by the death of his brother Valentine, the same is hereby ordered to be paid to Mrs. Linegar forthwith according to his own appointment above written; which if Mrs. Margret Xtian refuses to do, the Sumner is to commit her to St. Germans prison till she submit to Law and pay all fees. Dated February 15th 1708/9. To the Sumner of KK Maughold. [signed] Sam: Watleworth, Arch. August the 1st, 1708: Dear Sister, I did write to you to Liverpool that you might have my share of brother Val’s legacy, and therewith also I acquainted my sister Margtt., and I’m of xxx that she should pay interest from one year after my mother’s death, but she leans so much to one side, that ’tis not easy to set her upright. Dear Sister, I can’t tell what you can do either at London or elsewhere in England towards your maintenance & therefore can give you no advice in that affair, but methinks that if you could teach girls to sew &c., you might get something towards your maintenance and also look after your own children, but this I must leave to your own discretion, assuring you that upon all just occasions you shall find me, Your Loving Brother to help you whilst Ewan Christian. 12th June 1710: Received then and before at by and from the hands of my sister Mrs. Margaret Christian the just sum of 2 pounds 17 shillings 7 1/4 pence, being my brother Ewan Christian’s eighth part of brother Valentine’s legacy, assigned to me as above appears, for which this is a sufficient discharge. [signed Isebl Lingr. Before us, Robert Parr, John Curghy."




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