Archdeacon Will 1708 #2, Lonan, of Mrs. Margaret Lowcay als xxx, widow of Revd. Henry Lowcay, buried 7 Jan 1707/8


"Articles of Agreement concluded made and agreed upon the eleventh day of May anno Dom: 1702, and in the first year of the reigh of our sovereign Ladie Ann, by the grace of God Queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. Between Anthony Whiteside mariner of Whitehaven of the one part and Margret Lowcay widow in the town of Douglas in the Isle of Man of the other part.

Imprimes, Whereas the said Margreet Lowcay was left and appointed by her dear husband Mr. Henry Lowcay joint Executrix with her eldest daughter Margreet Lowcay of all his goods chattels house, lands and tenements for to take care and provide or dispose of his younger children as by his last will and testament more at large doth appear, Now these presents witness that as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which she beareth unto her youngest daughter Elizabeth Lowcay and for her preferment and advantage; doth covenant and agree with the said Anthony Whiteside mariner of Whitehaven in the Country of Cumberland; and doth bind herself her heirs and assigns to pay or cause to be paid; and to deliver or cause to be delivered the sum or sums of money and goods and chattels hereafter mentioned that is to say; the sum of fifty pounds as xxx as the sum of one hundred and ten pounds shall be paid to her or her assigns; the xxx sum is now due to her from his grace the Duke of Ormond; and ten pound more in some short time after; and also does promise to give her said daughter Elizabeth one silver tankard and bed with necessaries there unto belonging and four pair of sheets and whereas she hath a just right and power to dispose of these parts of the houses and two gardens now in her possession in the town of Douglas in the Isle of Man doth give the same unto her said daughter Elizabeth after her death and whatsoever then is in her power to give William Whiteside son and heir to the foresaid Anthony Whiteside; and the said Anthony Whiteside does promise and agree as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection to his son William and for his better preferment and advancement to give to the proper use and benefit of the said William and Elizabeth a house in Whitehaven in the County of Cumberland now in possession of one Mr. Anderton; immediately from and after the day of their marriage and also does promise unto the said William and Elizabeth sufficient meat drink washing and lodging for the space of one year at least without any cost or charges to the said William and Elizabeth; and for the better performance of these Articles they bind themselves under the penalty and forfeiture of one hundred pounds in witness whereof the said parties to these present Articles have interchangeably set their hands and seals th day and year first above written. [signed her mark] Margaret Lowcay, [signed] Anthony Whitesides.

Know all me by these presents that I William Whiteside of Whitehaven in the County of Cumberland and Elizabeth my wife has for and in consideration of the just sum of thirty shillings sterling this day to us paid pursuant to an agreement made before the Reverend Spiritual Court of this Island dated 22nd April anno 1708, exonerated, remised, released, acquitted and discharged, and by these presents do for us, our heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever exonerate, remise, release, acquit, and discharge our loving brother in law John Curghey of Ballakillingan withing the Isle of Mann his heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns of and from all manner of accounts, suits, cause or causes of actions & suits, bills, bonds, writings, and accounts, debts, reckonings, sum or sums of money or any demand whatsoever as I the said William Whiteside in my own and wife’s right ever had or which our heirs, executors, administrators or any of us in time to come can or may have to, for , or against the said John Curghey his heirs, executors, or assigns for, or by any reason of any matter, cause or controversy that might or should arise touching the last will and testament of our deceased father in law the Revd. Mr. Henry Lowcay, as also of all or any other controversy or dispute that might or should fall out touching the marriage contract of me the said William Whiteside given by my mother in law Mrs. Margrett Lowcay also deceased which is now accepted and taken by the said Spiritual Court for her last will and testament. And further I the said William Whiteside with the consent of my wife do hereby own ourselves to be content and satisfied with the division of those household goods as the same was made by myself and sister in law Margret Curghey when at Douglas the 21st of April last and as the same has been since acknowledged before the Revd. Mr. Archdeacon, that the said John Curghey should enjoy and possess the same goods without any further trouble. And do disclaim any matter twixt my said brother in law and self depending from the beginning of the world until the day of the date hereof. In witness hereof I the said William Whiteside & wife have hereunto put our hands this fifth of May one thousand seven hundred and eight. [signed] Will: Whiteside; Elizabeth Whiteside. Witnesses: John Gill, Thomas Parr, May the 5th, 1708.

The above Mr. William Whiteside came this day and acknowledged the above discharge to be his wife’s and his act and deed before me, Robert xxxx.

May 28th, 1702: Mr. Nicholas Davies, John Crage3, and John Christian three of the subscribing witnesses to the within Articles and Agreement, have deposed on the holy Evangelist that the said Articles and Agreement were agreed upon betwixt the within Mr. Anthony Whiteside and Mrs. Margaret Lowcay widow, and signed sealed and interchangeably delivered in their presence. And this before me John Parr.

At a Consistory Court held in KK Michael Church 22nd April 1708: This Marriage Contract being proved before the Deemster, the same is accepted for the last will and testament of Mrs. Margret Lowcay of Douglas lately deceased; and Mr. William Whiteside & his wife Mr. Elisabeth Whiteside are sworn in Court in form of Law. Pledge to secure the office and pay all debts according to Law is Capt. James Christian of Milntown. It is this day agreed upon by the Executors of Mrs. Lowcay & Mr. John Curghey & his wife of Ballakillingan, that the said Executors shall enjoy the houses and gardens wholly in and about Douglas late in Mrs. Lowcay’s possession, with all her effects and goods whatever; they remitting unto the said Mr. Curgey all debts due from his the said Mrs. Lowcay, excepting thirty shillings, and paying to John Lowcay the debt and legacy mentioned in the last will of Mr. Henry Lowcay and they are to receive the sum of eight pound nine shillings and eight pence due fromAnthony Lowcay, as appears by a former slate of their concerns on the 26th of June 1705, to which they here mutually agreed, and it is also so ordered in this Court. [signed] Thomas Sodor & Man, Sam: Watleworth Archdeacon, Robert Parr Vicar General."




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