Episcopal Wills 1708-1 German, of Adam Christian

(from MM EW28 / LDS 0991649)

Paroch de KK german
This is affirmed to be the last will and testament
of Adam Christian of Whithorn in North Brittain
who departed this life in the town of Peel in the
Isle of Mann the 22d day of May 1708
First he committed his soul unto God and his body to be
decently buryed
Itm he left two guineas and an half (which he
had about him) to pay his debts and funerall expenses
which he ordered to be decently done as aforesd and the
remaindr to his relations viz to the sons of Pettrick and
John Quooslin (?) and to Jon McMath's son
Itm he delared that Mr Alexander Martin of North
Brittain, was indebted to him the just sum of one hundred
scotch marks as might appear by his bond in the hands
of Clerk Gown, of which 100 marks he declared that
the one half did belong to his wife, and the other half
he left to his relations aforesd. Itm he decalred that Mr
William Martin was indebted to him the sum of forty
pounds scotch, the one half his wafe's and the other
half he left to his foresd relations. Itm he declared
that he had a new suit of cloth sarge in Scottland, which with the
rest of his cloths he left to Pabt McMath Itm he
left all his cattle and sheep to his wife
Wittness present
Tho Vance
Tho Radcliffe
Rich Gell
The two guineas and a half now left in the hands of Tho Vance 
of Peeltown who by the decadt was ordered to see him decently buried
Probatum est

No burial can be found




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