Archdeacon Will 1708 #35, Maughold, of Ann Callow alias Christian, died 4 April 1708:

"Maughold: The last will and testament of Ann Callow alias Christian who departed this life the 4th of April 1708. First, she committed her soul to God her Creator and Redeemer and her body to be laid in her husband’s grave. Item, she bequeathed to her eldest son Robert her part of the gears belonging to the plow and harrow and the plow beam coulter and sock and draugh and a firlet of barley or a bowl of oates his choice, legacy. She bequeathed to her son John a caddow a little worn with black and grays and a blanket a linen sheet and a coarse sheet and the feather bed she lay on, legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her daughter Ann 5 shillings or a choice blanket legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her daughter Margart 6 pence legacy. Item, to her granchild William Callow Balnaskeg the old bedstead that was on the south side of the house and old barrel. Item, she bequeathed to his sister Jane a yard of linen cloth legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her grandchild Abygall a yard of linen cloth. Item, she bequeathed to John Christian a she hog. Item, she bequeathed to her daughter Jony a new caddow and a brounke. Item, she bequeathed her daughters Mary and Jony her lawful Executors of all the rest ofher goods moveable and unmoveable, and what she was indebted was known to themselves, and that there is due debt to her from her son Robert 8 shillings if he would be kind to them not to trouble him. Witnesses: Robert Christian, William Callow.

New xxxx appearing to contradict the will, the Executors are disposed with from taking an oath. Pledges in form of Law are witnesses of the Will.

The Inventory of the goods of Ann Callow alias Christian prized by 4 sworn men, vizt, William Christian, Daniel Cowle, William Lowney, Edmond Kneale. Item, one feather bed, brogan 2 caddow one blanket a coarse sheet 1 pound 4 shillings 0 pence; Item, 24 yards of sharge 10 pence per yard, 13 yards of woolen cloth 1:12:0; Item, one caddow & a blanket 8 shillings, a new caddow 8 shillings, 6 new white blanket 1:19:0; Item, one bolster 3 pillows 4 shillings 6 pence a new feather bed 6 coarse sheet 1:13:6; Item, 13 yards of linen cloth xx pence per yard and 2 linen sheets 0:17:6; Item, 7 napkins and a table cloth of piper 8 pence, 14 towel 2 case of pillow 0:12:0; Item, a new sack 5 shilling 8 pence, 17 pounds of corslet[?] tread 7 shillings, 2 old blankets & a coverled 0:11:8; Item, 4 old barrel an old kieve an old church an old tube 2 old gloabeg[?] 0:6:0; Item, 3 little wheels an old woolen wheel 3 yard of lickrold beg 0:15:0; Item, 3 old sacks 6 pence; 13 pieces of board and a old barrel 0:1:10; Item, a piece of an old boat 3 pence one boxxxyen of ironwers 0:1:3; Item, all the old small wooden vessels serves beiges and weights 0:5:0; Item, 6 glass bottles 1 pence, earthen potts 1 pence, 4 a gredle 3 pence, 2 little pot iron 0:9:4; Item, 6 plates and 6 poninder and a glone[?glass] bottle of hollandware 0:4:0; Item, a par of trippet a frinpane and a spit a 2 old sickle 0:2:9; Item, a heres rops 4 pence, 9 pounds of pewter 8 pence per pound 0:7:4; Item, a brass candlestick 2 shillings 6 pence, bages and strapes a basket pan and an old cupboard 0:13:0; Item, all the black cattle and one horse 4:2:0; Total 15:19:4."




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