Episcopal Wills 1706-1 Arbory, of Margaret Corrin (als Costean)

(from MM EW27 / LDS 0991648)

Kirk Arbory April 15th 1697 
[a tear obscures the full year but it the partly visible digits look like 97]
Articles of marriage agreed and concluded upon betwixt Willm Cluaig (ballagoan)
with the consent of his wife Catharine Costen in the behalfe of their daughter Jony
Cluaig on the one party and John Corrin with the consent of his wife Margaret
Costen in the behalf of their son John Corrin on the other party as followeth
Imprs It is agreed and concluded upon that the said young couple shall enter into the holy
state of matrimony before the date of these presents and Trinity next God and
holy church permitting the same.
2ly It is agreed upon that Willm Cluaig doth give and grant with his daughter, as
dowry or portion betwixt money or goods four pounds sterling to be payd and satisfied
by the said Wm and his wife or their exors the forme and term of paymt being left
to their own decision
3ly It is aggreed and concluded upon that John Corrin and his wife Margt shall give
and grant to the young couple upon and at their marriage immediately the one
halfe of their team halfe the croppe of corn, and half of all their goods moveable
and immoveable; the young couple entering upon the same forthwith after their
marriage : only thirty shillings excepted in goods or money as a legacy taken out
of the whole by consent of both parties to be left to Catharine Corrin daughter to
the said John Corrin and Margt Costen his wife.
To all & singular the promises both parties have bound themselvs in the penalty of
ten pounds as to the nature of all fines as witness our hands & marks this day and
year above written by us
Willm Cluaig X John Corrin X
Catharine Costen X Margt Costen X
John Corrin X Jony Cluaig
signed and delivered in the presence of
Thomas Costen ballaKrink X
John Cluaig X Thomas Cluaig
Sam Robinson

22 January 1704
Wm Cloage and Kathrin Costen[name obscured] the two principal
parties to these articles (now surviving)
have acknowledged the same to be their
act and deed. And Mr Sam Robinson &
Jon Cloage two of the witnesses have
declared upon oath that [Mgt] Corrin (now
decd) was consenting to the same, and
did signd the same in their presence. And
all this before me Jon Parr

Accepted as last will of Margt Costen for the one half of her goods
& the other half is decrd to Catheren Corrin her daughter, and
being dumb the administration is committed to her brother
who is sworn in form of law
Accept & decretum est & solvit 2s 4d
Pledges Capt Hen Norris & Geo Harrison

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient - Margaret Costean is entered as a defunct in court dated 5 June 1706 - the wording and form of her name would imply she was a widow.



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