Archdeacon Will 1705 #28 Malew of Mrs. Margaret Moore als Caesar of Billiown & Ballasalley, proved 17 Oct 1705:

"KK Malew, proved October 17th 1705: The last will and testament of Mrs. Margaret Moor als Caesar, who being in perfect memory, committed her soul to God, and her body to Christian burial. Item, she left to the poor of the Parish a bowl of barley. Item, to the minister a mutton. Item, she bequeathed to her son Charles Moor, a furnished feather bed, a silver tumbler and silver spoon, with another silver spoon in his own custody. Item, she left to his 4 children viz., John, Elizabeth Katherine, & Margaret a cow at John Arthur’s. Item, whereas her said son upon stating of accounts was indebted to her fifteen pounds four shillings & 6 pence, she freely remitted him the same, and all other debts and demands, provided he pay to her granddaughter Elizabeth Norris six pounds sixteen shillings. Item, she bequeathed to the said Elizabeth Norris an heifer of two years old, and to her granddaughter Elizabeth Cooper a heifer of a year old. Item, she bequeathed to her grandson Charles Moor or whosoever shall be heir, her part of the crop at Billiown & Ballasalley, vizt., the 4th part thereof. Item, she left the heir a brass candlestick and 2 pewter dishes unmarked. Item, she left her son Charles aforesaid the profit of the corn mill. Item, to his wife a mant of the new stuff in the press, a laced handkerchief and a plain one, a pair of sxxxx and a choice apron. Item, to her granddaughter Margaret Cosnahan some combed wool and worsted, and the rest of Mrs. Cosnahan’s children a sheep apiece. Item, to Margaret & Charles Cooper a sheep apiece. Item, she bequeathed to the Reverend Mr. Cosnahan the barley at Ballasalley, & obliged him to sow her fourth part there, & at Billiown. Item, to him the profit of the tuck mill till next Michaelmass. And lastly constituted and appointed the said Mr. Cosnahan & his wife Executors of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: J Woods, John Allen.

Mr. Cosnahan sworn in Court in form of Law. October 30th, 1705: Mrs. Moor declared that her daughter in law should have her black mant, & petticoat, instead of the new stuff in the press aforementioned. Item, she left her daughter Cosnahan all the curtains. Eod die: She left the oats at Ballasalley to pay the doctor & Thomas Redfern & Robert Shimmin. Witnesses: J. Woods. Pledges in form of law John Bridson & Nicholas Harrison.

13 February 1705/6: Mrs. Jane Harley als Moore enters her claim against the Executors of Mrs. Margaret Moor als Caesar for 6 shillings 6 pence for two pewter dishes lent her with twenty six shillings more, &c. William Taylor enters for a firlet of barley &c.

31 January 1706/7: Philip Quilliam & xxxx enter their claim for the price of half a milnstone sold at 13 shillings 7 1/2 pence, &c."




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