Archdeacon Will 1705 #72, Maughold, of Edward Wattleworth

, mariner in London, originally from Ramsey, made 16 Dec 1700:"In the name of God amen. The sixteenth day of December Anno Domini 1700 and in the twelfth year of the reign of our sovereign lord William the third, King of England: I Edward Watleworth now resident in London mariner but belonging to Ramsey in the Isle of Man, being now entered in and belonging unto the good ship the William and Robert being outward bound to the West Indies and considering the many dangers and rabualtie[?] that may happen at sea, Do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner following:
First and principally, I recommend my soul unto the most mercifull hands of Almighty God my Creator. And as touching all such worldly goods and estates that it hath pleased the Lord of his goodness and mercy to lend unto me or that xx of right belong unto me at the time of my decease to the intent that the same may be disposed of without suite or contention at or in the Law, I give and bequeath the same in manner following.
Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my three brothers vizt., Robert Watleworth, John Watleworth & William Watleworth and to each of them the sum of twelve pence apiece only and no more if ever they do in their own persons demand the same of my Executor.
Item, after my instant debts shall be paid and discharged all the rest residue and remainder of my goods chattels and debts xxx bonds bill & reads money wages or salary houses lands & estates whatsoever or wheresoever both real and personal that shall of right belong unto me at the time of my decease I wholly give devise and bequeath to my loving kinsman Charles Christian of London gentleman, whom I do nominate ordain made and appoint full and sole Executor of this my last will and testament: And do revoke disannul and make void all former or other wills legacies or bequeaths whatsoever by me at any time heretofore made or given and do declare this only to be and contain my last will and testament and one other, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year xxx above written. [signed Edwd: Wattleworth. Made sealed published and declared by the hands of Edward Watleworth the Testator for and as his last will and testament in the presence of Joshua West, xxxx.
Know all men by there presents that I Edward Watleworth mariner now belonging to the good ship the William and Robert, merchant man, have made ordained constituted, authorized and apointed, And by these presents do made ordeyne constitute authorize and apointe my kinsman Charles Christian of London gentleman my true and lawful attorney ixxxxorable for me in my Name and to my own proper use to ask demand receive and take of the Rt Honorable the Treasurer or paymaster of his Mdics. nary or whom else it may concern all singular such sum and sums of money whatsoever to me now due or that shall in any wise become due unto me for my service done or to be done in any of his majesties ships but xxxx for my service done or to be done in the said ship the William & Robert or any other ship or ships vessel or brigs whatsoever, giving and by these presents granting unto my said Attorney my full power and Absolute authority in & about the premises in as full and ample manner, And to all intents constructions and purposes as I might or coud do if in person present. Ratefying allowing and holding firm and stable all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in and about the premises by virtue of these presents. In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the sixteenth day of December in the twelfth year of the Reign of our Soveraign Ld. William the third King of England &c. of England Scotland France & Ireland Defender of the Faith &c., Anno Dmi 1700. [signed Edwd. Wattleworth. Sealed and Delivered on double stamp in the presence of Joshua Westrott, Thomas Craven senr, Thomas Craven junior.

I do hereby certify and declare for and in consideration for certain agreement made between my uncle Mr. John Watleworth and myself, I have resigned and made over all my right title and interest by virtue of this will to him the said Mr. John Wattleworth, on performance of the above said agreement. Witness my hand and seal this fourteenth day of November 1702. [signed] Charles Christian. I here certify that the Declaration above was made in my presence: [signed] Tho: Taubman.

At Ramsey 26th of November 1705: Capt Nicholas Christian junior and his brother Thomas Christian having disclaimed any right they have or might have in or to the effects of Edward Watleworth declared by virtue of his will as they were Administrators of their brother Charles Christian the Executor mentioned in the said will; and having transmitted all their rights unto their uncle Capt John Watleworth father of the said Edward as being well assured that their xxx brother Charles Christian resigned the full benefit of the said wil to their foresaid uncle as appears; Therefore the said Capt. Watleworth is sworn Executor of his said son Edward Watleworth in form of Law and hath given pledges to fulfill the agreement made betwixt himself and the said Charles Christian, and to pay all other debts as the Law provides, securing and redeeming the foresaid Nicholas Christian & Thomas Christian their Executors and Assigns from any trouble or encumbrance on account James Knipe and Robert Howard. Most Dear and Honorable Father, After my duty is humbly presented unto you, I have sent these desiring you may be pleased to do me the favor as to except of the underwritten account due unto me from Uncle Capt Nicholas Christian and Robert Howarth of Ramsey and receive the said sums in part of what I am debtor unto you and in so doing you will oblige him who is your ever dutiful son and humble servant whilest Robert Wattleworth. Witnesses: James Knipe, Robert Hendri.
Imprimis, due unto me from uncle Capt. Christian & only legacy left unto me by our deceased grandmother the sum of three pounds 3:00:00; due me from Robert Howarth on account of sell a hundred happs[?], which I ordered him to dispose of to best advantage (and not to be retailed) under 3 shillings per pound. PerContra, paid according to my order the sum of 100 pounds 3 shillings by Robert Howard to Hugh Black.

At Ramsey November 26th 1705: Mr. James Knipe & Robert Howard the within witnesses have deposed the within writing to be the act of Robert WAtleworth, and this before us [signed] Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr. The within 3 pounds due from Capt Christian is ordered to be paid to Capt. Watleworth."




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