Archdeacon Will 1704/5 #20, Bride, of Catharine Christian als Kneale, wife of Captn William Christian, of Regaby Farm, made 24 Nov 1700, died 30 January 1704/5:

KK Bride: Articles of Agreement between Captn. William Christian of KK Bride on the one part, and his wife Catherine Christian als Kneale on the other part as followeth: First, it is agreed upon that Captn. William Christian above said shall give and doth hereby endow his said wife with the one half of all his worldly goods of what nature soever; and further if it please God to call him first, that then he doth hereby give and leave to her the moiety or half of the other half of all goods moveable and unmoveable without interruption l.. or molestation of his Executor or any person whatsoever. Secondly, It is concluded upon, in like manner, that the said Catherine Christian als Kneale doth hereby give unto her said husband Capt. Christian, the one half of all her goods whatsoever except only her part of the crop of corn, half the team of oxen with all husbandry gears in Reggaby, all which is to be at her own dispose to leave to whom she thinks fit at the last day; and if it so please God to call upon her before her said husband, she doth hereby give unto him the one half of the other half, as expressed in the above written Article. For performance of which both parties have obliged themselves in the penalty and forfeiture of ten pounds to be paid in the nature of all f.. xxxx xxxx mony whereof they have unto these presents subscribed their names and seal xxxx this 24 day of November 1700. [signed] Wm. Christian, Katherine Xtian als Kneal. Witness: Math: Curghey, William Christian, Ewan Christian.

14th October 1702: Capt. Wm. Christian and his wife came and acknowledged the prexxxxx to be xxxxx agreement.

Before md, Dan: xxxx. at Ramsey 17th of February 1704/5: Cath: Christian als Kneal having departed this life about the 30th of January last intestate, the Court hath declared her brother William Kneal and her sister Isabel joint Administrators of all her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever reserving to Capt. Christian her husband that part or share of her goods mentioned in the within Contract who are accordingly sworn in form of Law. The husband also sworn in Court in form of Law.

2nd March 1704/5: William Kneal one of the above Administrators hath surrendered his part of the Administration to Capt. Christian for 15 shillings and for the goods that belong any way to said Decedent and said Capt. Christian in Regaby Farm in KK Andrews, excepting each xxx proportion of the Croft and Turbery of Laggan, wherefore the said Captain is to discharge all debts and incumbrances that the aforesaid Administrator was liable to by the death of the Decedant. This acknowledged before me, Sam: Watleworth.

Cath: Xtian als Kneal’s Inventory amounts in the whole (the husband’s part included) to 20 pounds 17 shillings 10 pence, the fourth part thereof is 7pounds 9sillings 5 1/2 pence; Besides the 4th part of barley prized to 8 s per bowle, the oats at 2 s, and the peas at 6 s; The wool prized to 4 pence per pound. Pledges for Captn William Christian are John Quark & John Cowle according to Law. Pledges for Isabel Kneal, William Ratclife & Thomas Killip.

John Cowle enters his claim against the Administrators and Executors of Cath: Christian the sum of 48s 10p, due debt and proved and the 8th part ordered to be paid by Isabel Kneal.

9 March 1704/5: xxx als Curlet enters against the Administrators & Executors of Cath Xtn & is proved 4 pounds 9 shillings 2 pence, the 8th part thereof is 11s 13p to be paid by the Administrators xxxxx."





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